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Revlon Valentine nail polish

Revlon is a brand I have tried limited amounts of nail polish from, but the ones I have tried I have enjoyed using and wearing. I got this nail polish in one of my Glossy box before christmas where you got to pick the sugar or spice box, and because I went for spice I got red themed goodies. I was quite excited to see this nail polish, a classic red nail is always a win and one I know I can count on to match a lot of what I wear on a regular basis. 

The Revlon nail polishes come on a really lovely bottle which has the clear glass section to see the colour easily, and the sleek black handle with the gold trim and Revlon logo on it. The nail polish bottle is easy to hold and the handle makes it comfortable to use while you paint your nails. I love the bottle design and the way it looks and it is definitely a classic and timeless looking bottle.

The nail polish is a lovely consistency, the right amount of thickness to be opaque and easy to apply without running off the brush too easily, but not too thick that it is hard to work with. This is definitely the sort of consistency I would say I look for in a nail polish, and if you could test more nail polishes before you buy them like you can eye shadows and face products, this is the formula I would seek out when picking nail polish. 

The nail polish is almost opaque in one coat, but I felt I needed two just to ensure a nice even full coverage of the colour. I also like to do thinner coats to ensure they dry quickly and evenly to minimise the risk of smudging or looking patchy. I find the two coats look perfect and fully opaque in person but the extremely bright flash on my camera does make it look slightly sheer on some parts of the nail. 

The nail polish is such a lovely deep red, and paired with a nail art look you will see next week I am really pleased with the way it has turned out, I am so pleased. It has inspired me to have a dig through my nail polishes and rediscover some more of my Revlon colours I have loved in the past.

Overall, I think the nail polish is such a lovely colour and formula, especially with the name and the upcoming seasonal event of valentines it is such a lovely nod to the holiday. At £6.49 they are a really good price point with the bottle having 14.7ml of product which will last a really long time even with regular use, so you will definitely get your moneys worth. I am so pleased with how this looks on the nails that I have been reminded to browse the nail polish colours on the Revlon stand next time I am beauty shopping in order to discover some new shades of these to fall in love with. 

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