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#NottmFW Blogger event at Beauty temple

When the lovely Lucy over at Gemini PR emailed to ask if I would like to go along to the Nottingham in Fashion bloggers event that took place yesterday evening I couldn't contain my excitement! If you have been keeping up with my blog you will know from this post that I am currently, and have been for months, stuck in a complete style rut, not knowing what to wear, how to style anything and just feeling a little useless with fashion. This is the perfect opportunity to inject some creativity and update myself with the latest trends and really get some style inspiration. Hosted at the stunning Beauty temple venue, it was a luxurious and very VIP feeling event. 

I arrived at the event with my good friend Ellie, meeting the wonderful Hayley outside the venue ready to go in. When we arrived we were greeted and checked off the guest list, and told to help ourselves to a cocktail, catering for people who wanted alcohol and those who didn't. We popped our coats down and between taking pictures and grabbing a drink, which can I add was a fantastic sparkly pink concoction that tasted beautiful, we began to meet the staff and other bloggers at the event as well as the press, PR ladies and photographers. 

The salon is beautifully decorated and looks so stunning I just want it to be my own beauty room! There are beautiful accents of colour throughout the salon from subtle hints of blue, so shimmering dusky pink wallpaper in one of the treatment room, everywhere in the salon has a high class finish which you can tell has been styled and designed to feel soft and welcoming but stylish. The fashionable edge I get from the decor at the Beauty Temple makes it the perfect setting for the event. 

Canapes and pizzas from MOD pizza were on offer at the event and made a perfect idea as a way to have nibbles and drinks without it being too much fuss and still feeling upmarket, yet effortless, and who doesn't love a good pizza?! I certainly do! 

The salon has lovely displays of products set out around the salon to showcase the brands and products they use and have on offer. I thought this was lovely, and being a beauty product addict has definitely made me want to try a few of the things I have seen on the shelves last night! From tanning to body care and nail polish, the products are laid out in a user friendly way making it easy to see what they had on offer and what products they use or recommend. 

A lovely lady who worked at the salon, who's name I didn't catch, was offering demonstrations and applications of the beauty products they stock from Delilah cosmetics, a cruelty free brand that looks completely fantastic! I did turn up to the event fully made up, but did have a look around the set up and the products look fantastic. The lovely Hayley had blush and contour done at the event with these cosmetics, and it completely sold me. The blush and contour looked effortlessly blended, great pigmentation and was so glowing and radiant looking it made me want to try everything! Definitely a brand I will be looking more into, as the products looked fab! 

Elemis is a brand I saw featured around the salon a lot, higher end on the skin and body care section it is a brand I forget to turn to as I usually don't end up near a counter and when I do, I'm not usually looking for skin care and forget to wander over and have a look what they offer. A huge range of products and a brand I have heard rave reviews of with no recollection of bad reviews to my knowledge or what I have seen it was so refreshing to see these on offer and I think I need to check them out. You could have salon treatments and if you fall in love with the product used you know you can easily pick it up and treat yourself at home with it between visiting the salon.

While the event was held at a beauty salon, the real purpose of the event was to showcase some of the up and coming fashions for spring summer 17 and give us an insight for what we can expect to see not only on the catwalk in March, but also in shops to buy this coming season. In the above photos, excuse my terrible attempts at taking pictures of moving models, I am trying to work on it, but they were so good at the catwalk strut, they were past and done by the time I stopped admiring and started taking pictures, and I don't have the steadiest hand, hence I'm on the lookout for a new camera which is better, and easier to shoot pictures of moving targets as it will have better focus!

In the first picture the model Ryan is showcasing the trend checkmate and is wearing a checked shirt from Hymm at John Lewis for £50, Denim jeans from Tommy Hilfiger which is stocked at John Lewis for £80 and his jumper is the Rocket sweatshirt from Hymm at John Lewis for £60. The subtle checked shirt is the perfect way to incorporate checks into your spring summer wardrobe if you don't want to go all out or like to be subtle and understated with the trends, a great look and very smart casual, I could see myself picking this for my husband! 

The second picture showcases the same checkmate theme, with the lovely model Jamie modeling a suit style outfit which I adore, I am a blazer addict and could see myself wearing this trend to my day job where I like to look smart and presentable. Wearing plaid seersucker Portofino trousers at £119 and the matching plaid seersucker Portofino jacket at £189 both from Jigsaw on Victoria street they would make the perfect statement piece in a work wear wardrobe for spring summer. The Window pane cotton shirt is also from Jigsaw and is £79, bringing the look together and giving it a real smart, tailored finish to the outfit. 

The third outfit showcases the statement sportswear trend. This is something I get a little scared of personally, I'm never sure how to pair sportswear with other key everyday pieces without it looking like I forgot to take a change of trousers to the gym once I had done my workout, or like I got dressed in the dark, but this effortless outfit is one that makes the sportswear trend look so effortless, I feel I could style and outfit inspired by this look. Jamie has on a plain white T-shirt from French connection for £30 with a Essien crepe jumpsuit layered on top, also from French connection at £100. The French connection store can be found on Victoria street too, if you are shopping the style in Nottingham. 

The last outfit I have showcased here is the Born in the 80's trend, a showstopper for bright colours and nostalgia. Although I am a 90's baby and remember only the latter half of the 90's, the 80's have always looked so fun and quirky in the fashions that I love the idea of channeling the style now. The most expensive of the outfits, but one that Jamie carried off beautifully, it consists of a green Narciso jumpsuit by 8PM for £260, and a Fuchsia pink micro bag from Burberry for £445, both can be bought from Gigi Bottega at the Flying horse walk. 

Even seeing just a snippet of what the trends will be I am so excited to see the catwalks in March which will showcase even more looks and style inspiration that is sure to get my mind racing and planning out my spring summer wardrobe!

The events will be held on Friday 24th March and Saturday 25th March with regular catwalk shows on both days for ease of viewing. In order to tailor the fashion event to as many unique and versatile audiences as possible, the catwalk shows have been divided into three categories to allow you to view something that is of you style and budget in order to get style inspiration and be able to purchase the catwalk looks from your usual shopping destinations. 

The first catwalk type is the 'From campus to club' theme, the idea of targeting students to showcase versatile looks to keep within the student budget and give ways they can dress for lectures and days on campus, yet style the same or slightly changed look for the club or going out in the evening is a great idea. I wish I could have viewed a catwalk like this when I was at uni! 

The second show is 'From desk to dinner' the idea of day to night fashion in a more sophisticated job role is a great way to learn how to transition your style. As someone who comes along to a lot of blogger events straight from my 'desk' at work, I always struggle with not wanting to look like I am at work still, but not wanting to take a whole new outfit to make it look like I wore my style all day, so it would be a nice way to get tips and trick on styling up my work wear to make it evening or event appropriate while looking stylish and not feeling like you are still at work. 

The last theme on the catwalk is the more prestige, 'Style classics' channels the high end fashion lovers in Nottingham that like to focus on key investment pieces. Being lucky enough to own one or two pieces of high end fashion it is a great way to see how you can incorporate a key piece into your wardrobe. We all probably lust over that one item of luxury, and just because you want a designer handbag doesn't mean you have to have a full designer outfit, I am a firm believer that you wear a combo of what you like, no matter what the mix of brands or price tag! I have to say, I have tickets to one of the shows, but if I can blag my way into seeing all three of the shows, I will! 

As we came to leave we were gifted a beautiful gift bag full of goodies just for us, which is incredibly kind of all the brands that contributed to the gifts and the PR team for organising them! Inside we had an amazing pack put together by the PR team to give us all the information on the shows, the outfits and lots of imagines of the key trends which I will be sharing over on my Instagram account in the lead up to the fashion shows, so make sure you check me out at @entirelysarah over there too. The pack is really informative and contains a ticket to attend one of the catwalk shows which the date is already firmly noted in my diary! We then have a Diesel Bad fragrance sample, as far as I know this is mens so I will pass this over to either my husband or my dad, my dad loves diesel fragrances and my husband is reluctant to wear aftershave for anything that isn't a special occasion so this might give him a nudge in the right direction! 

A More Nottingham card was in the gift bag, from what I can tell this is a bit like a discount card and gets you some great offers in Nottingham, the little booklet gives me loads more info, so I will be searching out the best deals and probably talking about them on twitter and Instagram as I use the card more. The Treat kitchen is a place I have been known to buy from, doing amazing sweets they are quite something so when I saw the strawberry and prosecco bon bons in my gift bag, I almost ate the entire packet there and then! We were given a beauty temple price list and booklet about the treatments and service they offer, a bottle of Orangina which is a nice touch and something a little different. Running alongside a mans fragrance we have Poison girl perfume, one I haven't tried before but I can't wait to give it a go and see what it is like, a perfect way to test out a perfume and see if I enjoy using it! I also got a copy of the Exclusive magazine for Nottingham and Leicestershire, one I haven't really seen around much before but I am quite excited to give it a read and see what going on. Last but not least, MOD popped in a coupon for a free pizza! Yep, FREE PIZZA, this is not a drill! My husband could tell you pizza is a key player in getting to my heart, and the lovely people over at MOD, clearly know how to win a girl over, and I will be making a prompt stop at their shop to get myself a pizza when I am next around there! 

I had an amazing time exploring the salon, viewing some of the upcoming hottest trends and the all round experience of the event. I am so thankful to both Lucy and Judi over at Gemini PR who made it possible for the event to come together and arrange for us bloggers to be there. I am so grateful to be lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend and I really do value that. I am grateful to all the wonderful staff at the Beauty Temple who worked hard to share their salon with us for the evening and host the event, it is a wonderful venue, and one I can't wait to go back to. I also want to say thank you to all the amazing brands that contributed to the goody bags, the items are greatly appreciated and I will make full use of enjoying all of them, especially the pizza and the bon bons, a pizza lover with a sweet tooth, what more could I have wished for? I cannot wait to share the catwalk show in March, and also to kick start my spring summer wardrobe with the trends I have seen tonight and with the paperwork and inspiration of upcoming trends from the goody bag! 


  1. I've not tried anything from Delilah cosmetics, but I've heard really good things about the line!
    The outfits look lovely, particularly digging the blue jumpsuit - hope you had a lovely night! xx

    1. Thank you, the event was lovely! The models wore some amazing looks that I can definitely see being a hit, the jumpsuit is so stunning, and a trend I could get behind for spring summer! The cosmetics did look amazing I want to go back and have a play with them soon x

  2. Great post Sarah. It was a great evening and lovely to see you as always :D. Looking forward to the next event :) - Hayley

    1. Thank you! It was so lovely to see you too! I had a great time, cant wait to see you soon! x

  3. So lovely seeing you Sarah, and I feel your pain trying to get photos of moving models. It was super difficult! I've never really been into 'sports luxe' but absolutely adored the jumpsuit and how they styled it. Fab event, and fab post too.


    1. Was great to see you too! I thought it was just me and my rubbish photography skills, but apparently a lot of people had the same issue, so I feel less dumb haha! I thought all the looks had elements I could work into my wardrobe which was great! can't wait to see the catwalks and what else is on offer! x

  4. such a well written post about the evening! I loved it, and that turquoise jumpsuit was so nice!
    loved seeing you again xxxxx

    1. Thank you! The outfits all had such good styling I can;t wait to see what the show for the catwalks too! was lovely to see you again too! x

  5. It sounds like you had an exciting, glamourous evening. I really like the second look - I'm also a fan of blazers. The jumpsuit is also lovely although I'm always a bit shy of wearing them. I'm not sure if they suit me.

    1. The evening was really lovely, I also feel a bit self conscious in a jumpsuit so never really take the plunge properly, Hopefully there will be some nice ones this coming season and I might give them a go again! xx