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My Ted Baker Purse

I always find purses to be a fairly personal thing, we all like different sizes, styles and patterns on the purses we buy and with so many different ones on the market it can be hard to decide what is right for you. Up until I moved to uni I was convinced I liked smaller, more compact purses, it wasn't till I was out shopping and fell in love with a beautiful, but much bigger purse and decided to bite the bullet that I realised I would never go back to a small purse. Just before Christmas I spotted this Ted Baker purse and it was the perfect for what I wanted. Not too bulky and the right amount of space for the cards I have. 

The first thing that drew my attention to the purse was the beautiful finish of it, a stunning silver glitter, but coated so as not to fall off, which is a real bonus as I didn't want everything I own to get covered in glitter when in my bag. The cute silver bow gives a lovely nod to the Ted Baker brand without having a garish logo on the front. 

The interior of the purse is black with silver hardware which I also love as it matches in so perfectly. I love the way this looks sleek and clean and is easy to use and work with. The purse is a lovely size, slightly bigger than I was using before this one, but fits well in all my handbags and looks lovely so I don't feel any difference using this.

The purse has a zip around section which is for coins which has lots of space and fits a lot of change in if you are someone who has a lot of cash, however I like to pay by card so I don't tend to have as much cash, which also means I can double up this pocket as a coupon pocket or a safe place for a particular receipt I may need to keep. This is also big enough to put something like a single key in, or I can just fit my Samsung S6 in the zip around section if I needed to use it to hold my phone as well. However, I wouldn't recommend doing this as it may damage the pocket over time, I was just curious as to what I could fit in it. 

The purse also has 9 card slots, and one card slot that has an ID window for either you driving licences or a picture. I find this is a really good amount of card slots and is the perfect amount for me. In combination with my bank cards, rewards cards for like Boots, and cards such as Tesco club card, or my Asda savings card I have enough space for everything I need all the time and I can leave the rest at home and just take them when I make a special journey to somewhere like Ikea. 

Overall I love this purse, it is definitely a staple, and one I wont look to change any time soon. The only annoying thing is, I paid the full price of £75, and you can now buy it in the sale here for £39, so you can definitely get yourself a bargain! The quality is lovely and I am so pleased with it, Ted Baker really is an amazing brand for quality and style.


  1. I think ted baker purses are so pretty, but that said I am sold on my Cath Kidston one haha

    1. Cath Kidston is so beautiful too! I love shopping in there as well, there are so many beautiful things out at the moment I want to buy and use haha!