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Merumaya Mud marvels mask

I was lucky enough to get some Merumaya things in a goody bag from a meet up I went to in the summer and it has been one I have been meaning to use for a long time, but didn't get chance to until recently. I love a good mud mask and the way they draw out the impurities in the skin and really work to give the skin a clear out and make it feel like new again. I had high hops for this mask and was really ready to have a good pamper when I used this, so I was hoping to be wowed! 

The sample tube I got was 3ml and was a nice size doing one use of the face mask. The squeeze tube packaging mimics that of the full size tube and I really do like that. The product is easy to work with and the tube makes the product easy to squeeze out and judge how much you will need, allowing you to go back for more if you want to apply a small amount and go back to the tube until you have covered your face and neck.

The product isn't too thick in consistency, it is nice to smooth over the face, thick enough to stay on and not move around but thin enough to get a nice even layer with minimal effort. I was really pleased with the ease of applying this face mask as I find it really off putting if a face mask is really thick or too thin to apply properly to the face and it spoils the experience of relaxing and using the face mask, where as this was a pleasure to apply and wear. 

The face mask felt really comfortable on my skin and I happily left it on for about 20 minutes while I was relaxing in the bath and reading my book. Being able to almost apply it and forget about it shows it is one of the more comfortable masks that doesn't feel tight or restricting. 

When I washed off the face mask my skin felt smooth and refreshed. My previously bumpy feeling nose felt smooth and my pores looked and felt clearer, which I loved. My skin was lovely overall, however I have a small patch of dry skin on my right cheek which often flares up, and although the mask didn't aggravate the area it didn't really make a difference to the area, so if you have dry skin you may want to step back from this one as it might not do as much as you hope for your skin. 

At £19.50 for 50ml I think the mask is reasonably priced and I did enjoy using it and the results it had for my skin, I am considering repurchasing this in the close future, but I have a few similar masks to try out and use up, so I might look into how they compare before I take the plunge and buy this full size, just because I already have other options. 

What face mask is your favourite and which do you recommend I try? 

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