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Lush Unicorn horn bubble bar

The Lush unicorn horn caught my attention when I placed my valentines haul online, and I have to say I wasn't sure if I would like it as it is lavender scented and I am not the biggest lover of lavender, but look how amazing and photogenic it is! I couldn't pass it up. I love bubble bars as I love having a bubble baths and I can also get around 3 baths out of a bubble bar so that is always nice whereas I throw a bath bomb in whole and hope for the best.

I think if we don't take a little bit of time to address how photogenic this bubble bar is, it will go unnoticed in history, and I cant quite have that on my head. I was so excited to pull this out and realise how Instagram-able it is, so lets just have a moment silence before we move on, ok?

Right, I think we can move onto the product now! First up it is a beautiful horn shaped bubble bar that swirls together blue, yellow, and pink to create a magically unicorn encompassing product that looks beautiful. covered in an iridescent shimmer it is definitely one that I would sway towards based on its looks. 

The bath bomb definitely smells of lavender and floral like, but it isn't too strong or overpowering as I do sometimes get a headache if lavender is too strong, so I did take a huge risk with this product, however I knew I could pass it onto a friend if I didn't like the scent when it arrived, but I am pleased to say it smells ok and not overly strong. I also used a slightly smaller piece of the bubble bar in the water than I normally would, just in case the scent became overpowering when I put it into the water, but I can say it still was subtle enough to not bother me, but enough to still smell it. 

The bubble bar bubbled up really well under the water and gave the bath a slight pink tint, I think if you used a little more, or the whole bar the water may have looked properly pink, but I was cautious of the scent so didn't want to push my luck. The bubbles were nice to be around and lay in while in the bath and I was really impressed with the way it foamed up under the tap. 

Overall, at £4.25 I think this is a really good product, it will do at least two baths even if you are considerably generous with the product but want it to do more than one bath. I am really impressed with this bubble bar, a little bit went a long way and looked amazing in the bath. The only thing I wasn't sold on was the scent, but as we addressed before I knew going into the purchase it may not be the right scent for me, but it did fare better than I thought, On the whole I would get this again as it is so lovely, but I think it is one that may come further down the repurchase list just based on scent. 

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