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Lush Lover Lamp Bath bomb

The Lush lover lamp bath bomb was one I thought looked really sweet on the website, the white bath bomb with little red hearts on the top which i thought looked really nice. I was unsure if the bath bomb would do anything colourful or if it would just be the hearts, but the scent and look of the bath bomb was so cute and looked so nice that I knew it was one I had to try and would make a lovely valentines themed bath.

The bath bomb has a vanilla and cocoa butter  scent which is lovely and so pleasant. It makes the water and bath smell very neutral and could pair with any bath product scent you want it too. I love this as sometimes if the bath bomb or bubble bar has a strong scent that is particular I sometimes feel I want to match a similar scent to it in terms of body wash and scrub, and I can't always o that, so I love that I can take this in any direction I fancy, floral, fruity etc.

The look of the bath bomb was plain and cute and although the white bath bomb didn't give me too much inspiration as to what it may do in the tub. I put the bath bomb into the bath and the white of the bath bomb began to dissolve away. It released the red hearts and they floated away onto the water melting into the water As the bath bomb dissolved more it released little red confetti hearts that were so cute and really added to the magic of the bath bomb. When the bath bomb had fully dissolved it left a milky white cast in the water which was nice, it wasn't something I would miss if it didn't do it but it did make me feel like the bath bomb had done 'something' without the need to have a lot of different colours floating around the bath. I think the simplicity really makes it one anyone can enjoy.

I really enjoyed the bath and my skin felt soft and smooth when I got out the bath which was so nice as, if you have read previous posts, you know I hate moisturising and so the element of moisture it ave my skin from the cocoa butter was a lovely touch and meant I didn't feel an immediate need to moisturise once I got out the bath. At £4.25 I think this is really lovely and one I would definitely get again, it is so lovely in scent and in the way it leaves the skin smelling and feeling, however if you shop at Lush for the magically colourful bath bombs that create dreamy bath time escapes this may not be the best one for you as it has a lack of colour, but lovely all the same!

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb?

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