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Lush Cupid bath bomb

As valentines fast approaches I knew when I received my Lush order that this was one of the products I wanted to keep until it was almost valentines as I thought it was the most love appropriate, The bath bomb is such a cute pink arrow struck heart that captures the idea of cupid perfectly and encompasses the romantic ideas of valentines. I was so excited to use this one and see what it did in the bath. 

The bath bomb is a cute pink heart with a slightly darker pink arrow shot through it. The bath bomb is a lovely shade of pink that I presumed would turn the water a beautiful shade of pink. The bath bomb is a really pretty colour and isn't adorned with glitter, sparkle or anything like that, but it is so cute on its own it doesn't need any extra glitter or sparkle. 

The bath bomb dropped into the water and floated around as it created waves of colour from the light pink and the darker pink to create streaks in the water. The patterns were beautiful and looked so pretty swirling around as the water dissolved the bath bomb. 

The bath bomb is scented with rose, bergamot and violet leaf absolute to create a beautiful floral scent that reminds me of valentines flowers. I am not overly keen on strong floral scents but the way this is balanced and smells makes it the perfect floral scent. Not overly rose scented, but it scents the room the way fresh flowers would and was an incredibly lovely romantic feeling bath in the beautiful rose pink water.

At £2.95 the bath bomb is a great price and a really sweet looking bath bomb. I love the scent and think it would make a perfect valentines bath. I would definitely recommend this one and think it is such a perfect valentines product in the way the scent reminds me of flowers which are iconic of Valentines and the bath bomb is so cute and in the shape of a heart. I think, through all the range this is the most fitting for the season and can imagine it has been a huge hit! Although now I am so excited for the Easter products as I have used up the valentines ones I had bought! So stay tuned for that coming your way soon! 


  1. Ah reading lush bath bomb posts makes me miss them haha. I gave them up in my quest to house deposit saving

    1. Aww, imagine how pretty your house will be though! Also, once your in your new home you can make up for the lack of bath bombs then!

  2. Ahhh, I got my daughter this one for Valentines (as well as one for me of course) and they are so cute! The scent was so yummy and £2.95 is such a steal for a bath bomb!


    1. Aww I bey she loves it! I totally agree, £2.95 is such a good price when some are just over £4! xx