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Lee Stafford dry shampoo

I am a person that dry shampoo was invented for. It doesn't matter how many times I can shower in a week, or bath or just indulge myself in a pamper, I do not wash my hair everyday. With this I end up sometimes thinking my hair is looking really good, then I wake up the next day and it looks like its never been washed. I definitely have some sort of weird instant grease problem with my hair as it often goes from fine to greasy without prior warning. The dry shampoo was one I got in the goody bag I bought from the Lee Stafford stand at the clothes show and I am glad I did as I usually grab one I know and forget to check out other brands and other formulas of it, but this one is one I was looking forward to trying. 

The dry shampoo comes in a sleek pink can that is iconic of the Lee Stafford range, I love the look of a the range its so sleek and matching it makes a lovely set when its all placed together. The can has a metal ball in which sounds like a spray paint can when you shake it, however this is really useful to know the product is shook well and will apply the way you want it to. The spray nozzle is really easy to use and dispenses a really good amount of product.

The product sprays into the hair easily, and doesn't leave any white residue in my hair which is brown. I did however spray this too close on purpose and it will leave some in the hair if you spray it too close, but brushing the hair or running your fingers through to mix the product through will disperse any areas that have a white cast to make sure you don't notice the hair. 

The product doesn't leave my hair feeling 100% clean, but I don't think any dry shampoo is 100% effective, however it is clean-looking enough for my to make the conscious choice not to wash my hair for an extra day and put this in instead, say on a day where I wont be doing much the next day or I know I want to wash my hair and have fresh washed hair the day after. 

One of my favourite ways to use this, especially if I know my hair will need to last an extra day is to spray some through my hair before I go to bed, this enables me to catch the grease and oil before it fully sets in and is ready to absorb oil through the night. I then top this up in the morning to add a little extra oil absorption and security to my hair without it looking too much like it has a lot of product in it. 

At £4.99 it is a competitive price for dry shampoo and one I will definitely look to pick up when it runs out. I am in the market to test out other dry shampoos as well so although I may not go straight back to this it makes a great back up, along with a few other well known dry shampoos I have for if I buy one that isn't so great in the future. 

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