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Fitbit charge HR

If you remember I did a post about my Jawbone a while ago as it met is end as a fitness tracker, and I decided the next one I would get was a Fitbit. I know so many people with a Fitbit and not a bad word to say about them so I knew I had to get one for myself and try it out. I have the FitBit Charge HR and I think it is the perfect size, shape and fit for me and was definitely the one that stood out to me on the website. 

My fitbit is in the shade plum and is the charge HR version of the fitbit range. I have the size large, but I do wear it on the second to tightest hole, I can get away with the tightest at a push but its most comfortable on the second to last hole. It is a really good size and I do have quite small wrists, so if you can see them in person do try to, or if you have a friend with one why not ask them what size they wear and if you can try it for size?

My only criteria when picking out a Fitbit was that it needed to display the time, after almost a year of wear my jawbone and a watch it was so uncomfortable and annoying wearing two that I just wanted to be able to wear one band that covered both things. I looked at a few options there was the Charge HR which I have, the Alta, and the Charge 2. I do like the look of the fitbit blaze, it is more like a smart watch or apple watch style in the way it looks, but I think it would be too much like a normal watch and maybe a bit too bulky for my liking as I wouldn't be comfortable sleeping in it.

The band is a very comfortable, it is a rubberised finish with a matte finish and a grid like patter on the outer. The screen is a thin, clear band across the wrist band which is easy to see even in bright conditions. The numbers on the screen are very clear and easy to read as well as having a button allowing you to scroll through the information it displays. If you move your arm from your side where it naturally falls and lift it to read the watch, the movement automatically tells the band you want to see the time and it flashes on accordingly. If the time doesn't automatically show, you can press the button on the side and it will display the time.

The functions it shows on the wrist band are viewable in this orders; time, steps, heart rate, distance, calories burnt, floors climbed and alarm. The time is viewable in 4 modes, the original which is a 12 hour clock that just simply shows the current time. the next is one with the am and pm symbols, as well as a seconds count, the third is the time and seconds without the am pm symbols, and the last is the time with the date displayed underneath, I chose this one as it helps to keep up with the date each day as I never quite know what date it is!

The next is steps, as you change from time to steps it briefly shows a pair of foot prints to indicate that it is showing the steps taken. You can set a goal, mine is 10,000 steps a day, and it displays how many steps you have done as well as a little thin bar that goes across the bottom of the numbers to indicate how close to your target you are.

The heart rate function briefly shows a heart on the screen before displaying your heart rate, it it displays the number and a little beating heart next to it, with it showing extra pulse markings as the number goes up and your heart rate peaks. I don't use this function much as I am not as conscious of my heart rate,

The next is a little map pointer like you would see on a maps app, this tells you how far your steps calculate to, mine is in km, I cant see how to change it, but I prefer km as I try to run 5km if I do run in the gym but it is all preference.

We then have a little fire icon, and then this shows the calories burnt, I take this with a bit of a pinch of salt, as I haven't a clue about calories and how much I have burnt, however, It is quite good to monitor and get a rough idea, and I can see an increase on days I do exercise or when I am more active.

You then have a set of stairs with an arrow pointing up, this indicates the count for how many sets of stairs you have climbed. I find this to be good as I climb a lot of stairs at work, yet when I am at home or in the holidays I climb less, this can be good for showing me where I can get some quick exercise in, and I have to admit I sometimes try to sprint up the stairs, the few seconds it takes boosts my heart rate and gets my blood pumping.

The last one is an optional one, but you can set a silent alarm with your fitbit, this is an alarm that vibrates your wrist to wake you up naturally in order to not have a loud or obnoxious alarm that may wake your partner if you both get up at different times. My partner and I do both get up at the same time, but I find this is a nice way to wake up and an alarm I tend to notice as I have been known to sleep through the loud blaring alarm I have playing from my phone, oops! This just displays a bell symbol and then will say something like 'Mon 7:00am' or the stats of the next alarm to go off.

The dashboard on the fitbit is so easy to use from your phone, it has little tiles and everything is so user friendly, You can rearrange the tiles if you want to, but I find the order fine for me. You can see above my main ones I see are the ones my wristband shows me along with my sleep, then further down I can see if I hit my 250 step goal per hour, my heart rate weight I programmed in, water count that you can fill in and food log should you want to use it,

Overall I absolutely love my fitbit, it is one of the best things I own, I love the functions, the motivation it gives me to hit my step goals, and allows me to monitor my exercise, heart rate when I work out and just all round give me a sense of how I am doing day to day. The band is sturdy and feels secure and comfortable on the wrist. If you can see the little knock on the corner of my screen, well that is user error and not band error, imagine being careless and clumsy and banging your arm on a door, not a great idea to do when your band take the force of the hit! Ooops, however, it works the same, and so I don't really mind too much, I just remember to be more careful and try to be less clumsy! I absolutely adore my band, I definitely am more active when I wear one and missed it so much. I love tht you can add friends and see their step count, I do considerably more steps than my husband who has a sit down office job, but its nice to have little weekend competitions and challenge each other, as well as the feeling of accomplishment when you hit your step goal and the band vibrates to alert you of your achievement! You do have to charge it about every 5 days and I always forget until its basically fully dead, but I am getting used to charging it regularly, but I would like a longer battery life if it was possible!

If you have been considering a fitbit for a while I would definitely get one, they have so many offerings to chose from you are bound to find one to suit you, as well as them coming in almost any colour you would want to match with your style, some even have interchangeable straps, this one doesn't, meaning you can choose to change it up to match your outfit if you like! Do you use a fitness tracker?


  1. I need to invest in a fit bit - I keep seeing them everywhere and they sound really good. In all honesty, I'm not really great with tracking exercise and all that; I just try to do it where I can and walk rather than go in my car if it's possible (and not pouring down with rain). The fit bit sounds like a great way to get you thinking more about exercise and your activities.


    1. I agree, I can be so hard to stay on top of, I also like that it tracks sleep which is nice as I always try to get more sleep and this gives me some power to track it and know how much I've had along side working out x

  2. I definitely need to get a fitbit soon, I had a fit bug which I liked the idea of as it clipped onto the bra if you didn't want to wear it as a watch, but didn't offer the indepth information that a Fitbit would, so I lost interest in using it pretty quickly.
    I'm always checking the health app on my iphone for steps.

    1. Yeah I like how indepth they make them now, and especially the more expensive ones, they are always getting more impressive! I used to use my phone for steps too, its a great way to get an idea of what you do in a day xx

  3. I have a jawbone and really wish it would tell the time! It is so annoying 😂 Everyone has a fit bit though so kind of wish I'd got one so I could link up and track my steps against everyone! Very in depth as always 💕💕

    1. I used to have a jawbone! that was the one thing I wanted when I got this one, it had to show the time. I really love the way you can see what other people are up to too, its a great way to see how you compare!

  4. I love the idea of these. I had a misfit as I could use it whilst swimming, however it didn't last too long and I ended up sending it back as mine was faulty and i've not bought another device since. I know this is probably contrary to popular opinion, but I'm not too keen on the design of the fit bit. That's why I bought the misfit. This was a really great in depth review that made everything so clear! I think I just need to avoid extras and just go and do some exercise hahaha xxx www.therosebeautyfiles.com

    1. Haha, I don't swim so thats not an issue for me, but I agree sometimes they aren't the nicest looking especially if you want to keep it on when you get dressed up! I agree though I think sometimes people get fixated on the tech and forget the exercise! x

  5. I've been thinking about getting a fitbit ever since my friend got one about a year ago but have hesitated about whether it is worth the cost!
    Did you test out the alarm first to see if it actually woke you up? I don't know whether I would just sleep through it, although I am looking for an alternative to using my phone.
    When do you charge it up since it can be used 24/7?

    Sorry about all the questions! Just very curious!


    1. Thats ok! I used the function on my Jawbone when I used that, but my phone alarm is always set as that goes off at different times and I always want to be sure I actually get up, I am a serial snooze-buttoner, but it does wake me up everyday I have work, but I suggest just keeping both set for a few days, maybe set this one 5 or ten minutes before your alarm so you distinctly know if it did, but you have a backup while you adjust!

      I also charge it when I have a bath, or if I sit down at my pc and know I will be there for a while I just pop it on charge, the most I will do while im on the pc is walk to the bathroom, or nip to the kitchen for a drink so what it doesn't count barely adds up anyway xx