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Exploring hidden gems in Nottingham with Snizl!

Being from the East Midlands my closest city is Nottingham, and one I do love to visit, however, living in Derby for a few years during my uni days means I have so much experience of exploring Derby, but have very little experience finding cute hidden gems in Nottingham. When I was invited along to explore the city of Nottingham and its hidden gems with the new app Snizl I was so thrilled, the email stated different places we would visit but I wanted the evening to be a complete surprise so quickly skimmed the important bits and tried not to look into any of the places we were visiting to make sure I had the best 'discovering' experience I could! Let me tell you, I had the best evening probably of my life exploring the city, gaining a lot of knowledge about brands, products, wine and tequila! So much so I bet I can't remember half of what I was told, the people who work in all the places are so knowledgeable and passionate it really shines through! 

Snizl is a brand new app that is revolutionary app that lets you find out whats going on around you, with deals, competitions and events being shown in the app to let you find local hidden gems around the city you live it, or you could set it to the city you are on holiday in when it is fully rolled out across the UK and be able to find local businesses which offer great food or products easily without any fuss. Downloading the app was something I was going to do at least for the purpose of talking about it here, but I love the easy to use layout and the way it gives me offers and deals I know I can use in a real time way it has made a permanent fixture on my phone so I can always get on there and see what Nottingham has to offer when I am down again. 

The evening began with us all meeting at The pudding pantry, a beautiful little tea and cake shop that is not only beautifully decorated and so inviting, it is also one of the most delicious places I have ever been to in my life. This one was a bit of a cheat as I have already been here before, and discovered it through a close friend who said I had to try it as it was delicious, I am pleased she agrees how good it is to allow me to discover it as well! 

Greeted by the Snizl team we were shown to the blogger section that had been arranged for us all to sit together and be able to try out a sample of the products they have to offer. Cakes and freak shakes were passed around and definitely were a real treat. The decor is so beautiful and the tables were adorned with a single rose in a cute little vase that added a beautiful touch to each table and made it feel so welcoming and pretty. It is definitely the sort of place you want to go in when you walk past, its cute, fun looking and very inviting. 

The cake was a beautiful light sponge and the cinnamon cream cheese frosting was so nice and spiced to just the right level where it is detectable but not overpowering! The freak shake was an amazing chocolate milkshake with whipped cream, and a salted caramel brownie on the top! If a milkshake with lashings of whipped cream wasn't amazing enough the brownie on the top was beyond amazing, and the sample sized drink was so stunning looking that I can't imagine the beauty of the full sized ones in real life, despite stalking the pudding pantry's Instagram to torture myself with the fact I cant eat more cake right now! 

After the Pudding Pantry we headed over to CaBella, a beautiful hidden make up masterclass shop that offer make over for occasions, shoots and sell make up, make up brushes, make up bags and offer so much in terms of beauty and advice. as well as stocking some amazing products that I will be going back to have a little look around at! The decor is so girly and beautiful I wish it could be my own little beauty room as it is so girly and pretty! 

 The shop offer a range of beauty products, their own brush sets that they can talk through and give you info on how they can all be used and what they like to use them for in order to achieve beautiful make up. Displayed in cute jars the brushes looked amazing and I couldn't wait to see the demonstrations and talk through of products they were about to do. They also have make up bags with such cute slogans on and a jewellery cabinet that looked so beautiful! Even the till was covered in rhinestones and was fully bling! 

 The make up master class was really interesting, they detailed the way they use a range of products from high end to drugstore, recommending products from brands like MAC, right through to L'Oreal and even Miss Sporty mascara, so you can bet your life what stand I will be at in boots tomorrow eyeing up a new mascara! It was so interesting to be talked through the steps for the make up as well as getting to see brands like Milani, and LA Girl which are quite hard to find in the UK, I love the way you can pop in and buy some make up and have a look around or you can have make overs, book a make over party or even have something like your lashes done!

Moving forward with our exploration of the city we headed over to Weavers, a beautiful wine and spirits merchants which was a true standout, even for someone who isn't the biggest drinker. Greeted by the current owner and fourth generation of the family business, the passion and knowledge the staff have about wine is fantastic. Each greeted with a glass of Cremant Du Jura sparkling wine, which can I say is the nicest wine I have ever had in my life, but then again I'm the least knowledgeable about wine so this was a perfect opportunity to gain some understanding! We were then given a talk about Weavers and how the company began and its presence in Nottingham. I was very interested to learn about a local place that specialises in wine, as I find it so difficult to pick out a wine if I go shopping as I never know what to look for or what it all means. 

We were then offered to try a white and red wine, both displayed on a grand table in a beautiful home preserved with its original features and enticing wine cellar. The room is grand looking and decorated with beautiful antique looking furniture that fit the aesthetic of the room beautifully, and definitely made me feel like I was in a place that was proud of how their business comes across as a whole in terms of looks, presentation and the over all experience of the wine tasting itself. Neatly laid out the bottles were left by the glasses of wine to allow us to see what each one was we tried and I thought that was fantastic as I did take a picture of the one I particularly liked and, spoiler its the one in the pic above this one, and I will definitely be going back for a bottle at some point soon! I think that speaks volumes in itself, as a person who doesn't often drink alcohol, the taste and excellence of the wine has made me want to go back, but not only this, the friendly, informative and kind nature of the people who run the business really does make me value our local area and realise more that we need to share these hidden gems, because you can tell they love what they do!

Being invited down to see the wine cellar, a place cared out in caves and beautifully arranged was a huge pleasure. I asked how often they bring people to look around them and was told it isn't often anyone other than staff get to go down so I was very honoured we were offered the chance as I love to see places like this, There is something so amazing about seeing the underground rooms that were once carved out hundred of years ago before the modern elements were added, truly a beautiful place to be. 

The bottles in the cellar, as you can imagine these stacked ones aren't full but look very impressive and is such an amazing way to store them and create a conversation piece. Being a bit of a newbie to the wine scene I have always felt a little silly going to a wine tasting class, I have no idea what I am looking for or what anything might be like, but I am truly inspired to get some friends together and go on a wine tasting session at Weavers, it would be fun to all try them together and get some nice ideas for when we have a night in and decided to open a bottle of wine while we catch up on what we have been up to, so I am going to suggest it and hope we can plan something together. 

Our last stop was a place called 400 rabbits, a tequila and mezcal bar which looks quite small from outside but has more space than expected and even has an upstairs which. as you will see below is VERY impressive. Tucked out the way, but still easy to find if you know where to go to get there. The bar is beautifully decorated with lots of skulls, rabbits and vintage/retro themes pictures. I love the prints on the walls and the decals that give the place its iconic and personal feel, and I will definitely be sharing some of the intimate shots of the decor on my Instagram in the coming week, the place is truly a gold mind if you love looking at stunning art work as well as enjoying a drink. 

Being predominantly a beauty blogger, my husband isn't often jealous of the cool and exciting opportunities I get to experience, however, I sent him a message which read along the lines of, 'In a tequila bar which has a Sega Mega drive, be your jealous!' He is a true gamer at heart and he loves any form of console or PC gaming, and let me tell you, hes coming just to play on the retro mega drive. If your not into console gaming, there is also a table top football game and a cut suitcase with board games in so you can enjoy a nice game while you enjoy a drink. I feel this completely sets the bar aside from any where else I have ever been, I;m not one for night clubs and getting drunk and partying the night away, but I could definitely see myself drinking a cocktail, playing Sega or a board game and having a fantastic evening! 

One the upstairs wall, where the games are, there is a wall which has the companies origins and inspirations on. The inspirational and mythological story behind the bar is such an awesome thing to have, there tag line being 'get as drunk as 400 rabbits' hence how the name came about through the story. The man who works in the venue is so knowledgeable and you can tell has a genuine passion for tequila and has faultless knowledge about tequila and has worked really hard to understand the products he has worked with and based the business around. Listening to the stories and how tequila is made has really given me an insight into the tequila we tried, offered samples of them it was the first time I have ever tried tequila, and I can say I quite liked it, but may not be my drink of choice in the future. 

Talking about the decor, lets just take a moment to admire the way the spiral staircase is decorate with lots of amazing artwork that draws you in to a different piece every time you look at it! 

Lastly I wanted to show you a quick shot of the bar area. a Mexican vibe with the pinata and the array of bottles you can see behind the bar shows the range of drinks they offer and the options you can choose from. The staff are so knowledgeable and would be able to recommend a drink based on what you like with flavoured drinks such as coconut featuring in their selections. No matter what your preference I'm sure there would be something you will love at 400 rabbits!

The goody bags we were given were so good, they are a Snizl canvas tote that I will happily use for when I do my shopping as we all know you can never have too many reusable bags now days! A gorgeous paper rose peeked out the top and I love the multi tonal pink and white one I got in my bag, it is so lovely and definitely something I will be keeping as it matched my pink office! The rose is by a company called Your forever petals and they are so beautiful and the quality is amazing! We then have a Snizl pizza cutter and bottle opener, a total kitchen staple and as a massive pizza lover this will get a lot of use in my house! CaBella were kind enough to gift us all a brush from their collection, we have the fluffy crease brush they have named as CB2 which feels incredible and I cant wait to try it out with my make up. Next up get got two chocolates for Studio Chocolate, a 'shakespear' which is silky salted caramel encased in a milk chocolate shell, and a 'Dr Seuss' which is a creamy white chocolate ganache with a sweet sharp strawberry jelly. I cannot wait to try these, and being valentines day I think they will go down a treat after dinner! 400 Rabbits were giving out bandannas which are a stunning blue shade and have a really cool skull on, I'm not cool enough to style a bandanna, but definitely something I love the look of and will keep. Lastly, other than business cards and offers, we were kindly gifted a bottle of red wine from weavers. Such a generous and thoughtful gift that I think is so kind of them. I will be popping this in my wine rack for a special occasion, as I don't think we can manage the wine tonight as I will be very late home from my gym class! 

For business cards we got one for Snizl, which I will be passing on to a friend as I downloaded the app immediately and it will get a lot of use when I am out and about it Nottingham looking for hidden gems of places to get lunch or just chill with a cocktail! CaBella popped in a gift card which is really good as it has the address and information on, and, again I know a few people who would love to check this shop out so the business card is a really good way to pass the details on now I know where the shop is. The focus gallery popped in an exclusive 10% off for the bloggers at the event, so I am excited to go over and check out what they have to offer. Lastly we got a voucher for Keishi jewellery with 10% off, another place that looks fantastic and I cant wait to explore and have a shop around in! 


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    1. Thank you so much! I'm so excited to go back and visit these places with my husband and I know he will love the pudding pantry, and he cant wait to have a go on the megadrive at 400 rabbits, so nostalgic!

  2. Snizl is such a good idea and it's so important to promote and support local businesses, it's nice to visit a chain every now and again but I much prefer going to one off special local gems.
    Got a long list of places to check out when I come to Notts a few times in March! 400 Rabbits sounds awesome, I can see my partner enjoying some time in there! xx

    1. I'm the same I love to support local where possible and this is great to highlight them and bring more attention to them. 400 rabbits is great my husband was so jealous he didn't come along haha!

  3. I have really started to shop local a lot more recently, especially when it cines ti fiid abd drink! Not been to Notts in ages though but I definately want to check out the pudding pantry :)

    1. I agree, I like to find little cafes and coffee shops when I am out shopping, the pudding pantry is one of my favourite places in Nottingham definitely worth going to!

  4. I can't see any more posts on this it makes me too jealous!!

    I absolutely love 400 rabbits, my friends best mate owns it so I was there a lot when I worked in Nottingham! CaBella looks gorgeous too, I think I'll be heading there! xxx

    1. Aww! I definitely recommend all the places we went to though, and 400 rabbits was one of my favourites, such a different place to go, and one I wouldn't have noticed before!

  5. It looks like you had an amazing time! That app sounds like a great idea. I know Nottingham pretty well but I'd still like to download the app to find out if there's anything hidden that I'm missing.

    1. It was so good! I would never have found 400 rabbits and I had no idea CaBella was there despite going some way down the little alley way to a tea room before. Such a great app and has offers and deals to which is nice.

  6. Was lovely meeting you Sarah ☺️ Really enjoyed the evening - like you said a brilliant way to discover hidden gems!


    1. Lovely meeting you too! It was so much fun and I can't wait to go back to some of the places soon, I might make pudding pantry a regular when I am in Notts as I had forgotten about it until we went there lol!