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Essence Light up your face palette

I got the essence light up your face palette in a glossybox before Christmas, and having heard so much good stuff about essence make up I gave it a go. I keep meaning to pop in Wilko's and see what other offerings essence have as the make up is affordable and accessible. I was intrigued to see how this worked and what it was like on the skin, with the shades looking like they would bronze up my complexion without looking too dark on my pale skin tone. 

The pallet is in thin and compact, clear plastic casing that feel sturdy and secure while allowing you to see the colours of the products inside when you have it stored or if you are grabbing pallets from where you store them. I feel like the packaging is substantial and will with stand being traveled with and keep secure.

Of the three colours in the palette there are 2 shimmer and one matte, The one on the far left is the matte shade, a beautiful soft sandy brown shade. This is a light, buildable colour that I have took to using as my day to day 'contour' it doesn't give a full contoured look but gives a small amount of definition to my pale skin which looks like I have some colour and some depth to my skin. 

The middle shade is a light brownish shade with a pink tone to it, this is my preferred of the two shimmer colours and creates a lovely highlight on the top of the cheeks which I put on when I use the palette for the contour elements. A glowing highlight that gives extra dimension to the skin without being overpowering on the shimmer. I notice the way it glows subtly but beautifully when I apply this and it catches the light which I really like.

The final shade is the darker of the two highlight colours, one that could be used as a shimmering bronzer on my skin tone, but sheered out and applied lightly this also makes a lovely highlight colour on my cheek bones. I do not reach for this shade as often, just because I prefer the more subtle look I get when I use the slightly lighter colour for highlighting.

I usually apply my foundation and concealer and then come on to my highlight and contouring style steps, sometimes I pair these with blush as well and other times I just wear highlight and contour. I find these last really well through the day, only fading where my make up has worn as a whole perhaps if I have been leaning on my face or something like that. I apply loose setting powder over the top of all my make up once my face make up is complete, making sure to hold it all in place. I love the finish of these shades and I am so impressed with the quality. At just £3 I am blown away, granted they are light shades so my pale skin is perfect for them, however if you have a darker skin tone they may not work in the same way for you. I am so happy with this and it really has give my the push I need to go and check out the stand in Wilkos and see what else I can find! 


  1. I bloody love essence, they have so many great products. They do great blushes for about £2 which are staples in my makeup collection!
    Haven't tried this palette but will have to pick it up! Xxx

    1. I can't wait to go to the stand and see what I can get, I will remember to check out the blushes too! I am really excited to go and have a look!

  2. Never tried essence but at the price point, I really should! Looks like a lovely palette, the middle shade looks beaut!


    1. I definitely recommend it based on this palette, I can't wait to go and browse the stand and pick up more things! x

  3. Only £3 in Wilko's!! I'm going to get this ASAP as I also have pale skin, so sometime contouring can make me looked a bit 'over-done' for everyday!
    Do you know if it comes in different shades?


    1. I totally agree with being pale, I see people with heavy contour that looks natural on them, I would look like I smeared mud on my face! I'm not sure about the shade range, sorry! but I think it is just the one option from looking on the website! x

  4. I brought some Essence products today to try because I've been so curious after i read this wonderful review that you have written. I can't wait to try them :).

    Big Hugs,

    1. Aww thank you! I can't wait to try more from the brand I'm trying not to buy too much at the minute but I cant wait to see what you think the the things you picked up! x