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Chanel No5 Leau perfume

Perfumes are such a personal thing and sometimes when we go perfume shopping spraying a little bit on our skin doesn't always give us the best indication of if this is right for us, and I have almost bought perfumes in the past that I loved when I tried them in store, but then I went back and tried it again before purchasing I wasn't as happy with it and the way it was on my skin. This is where I find perfume samples a perfect way to test out a scent, and when I got a sample of the Chanel No5 Leau perfume I couldn't wait to see what it was like and if I would enjoy it. 

The perfume sample came in a little card as they usually do, and is a practical spray bottle which is really functional and easy to use. I love that it is small and compact and think it is a perfect sample to take away for a weekend and wear in the evenings while you test it out, or like me, I popped it into my handbag and wore it for a couple of days out I had planned and knew I would be able to top it up through the day if I needed to without taking a full perfume bottle.

The scent is a lovely grown up and mature scent which is a little different to the more fruity every day scents I go for. For me this is a little more of a special occasion or evening perfume just based on my scent preferences, however I did wear it through the day and I was really happy with the way I kept catching the scent through the day. I looked up the notes of the perfume and the Chanel website and it says it has citrus notes such as lemon, neroli, orange and tangerine. I can briefly detect the citrus notes but not enough for me to outright say it ha a citrus scent. It then has notes of ylang-ylang which enhance the scent of May rose and jasmine, I can definitely pick out the more floral notes and they do give the perfume a lot of its body. Lastly the elements of cedar and white musk give it the deep evening type scent which takes it into a more evening scent. 

The scent was really lovely and was something I enjoyed smelling through the day. It lasted most of the day, but I do feel there comes a time when you start to get used to the scent and begin to notice it a lot less than you originally do when you first spray it. I know the scent lasted a long time as I was out shopping for the day and could still detect the scent of the perfume when in the car on my way home which is perfect as some of my cheaper perfumes do disappear and stop smelling after they have been on awhile. 

I am so pleased with this scent, and I still have about half of the sample left as you only need a couple of sprays to make you smell lovely for the day, and so it will last a really long time especially if you buy the full sized perfume. For a 50ml bottle it retails about £74, and the 100ml comes in at £105 so although it isn't the cheapest perfume on the market, it is such a good investment if you love the scent, and it is one I might have to pop on my indulgent list with a couple of other high end perfumes I have tried and like, but I wont be treating myself to any new perfumes until I have used up some of the ones I already own and love.

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