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An ankle boot obsession

I spoke about my issues with finding my personal style a little bit ago on my blog and I feel like I have nothing to wear a lot of the time, and really struggle to keep my wardrobe feeling and looking fresh and up to date when I have got so much stuff already. One of my jobs is to pair it down and an area I am currently finding easy to pair down is my ankle boots. I literally wear these till they meet their bitter death and then I have to hunt for an ankle boot I adore like the others, only new and probably needs bedding in. Searching high and low on every fashion site I could think of I came across the Macy chain detail ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins and fell in love!

Lets first look at the two pairs that are heading off to the bin. I photographed them at their best angle, but they are so beat up and battered and well worn that they definitely are over due their trip to the bin. But when you find comfy everyday boots, it can be hard to let go if there isn't any you want to replace them with. 

I have been shopping around for a few weeks and finally found some I love from Dorothy Perkins and ordered them straight away. When they arrived I was so impressed with the boots, they are true black, a suede feel and look really sleek. They have a slight heel and a sturdy sole that looks like it will hold up and last really well. The chain detail on the outside of the shoe gives a little bit of detail to give the outfit and edge and make it look a bit different. I love the way the chain detail is more of a dark gun metal silver as I wear a lot of silver accessories and so I know this will go with anything else I pair it with. Having said this, the metal is subtle enough that it would still look fine if you wanted to wear other metals on a handbag or chunkier jewellery. 

The boots are comfortable to wear and are something you will probably find out I am living in over the next few months until summer surfaces and its too warm to wear boots and I ca move onto ballet flats and sandals! Ankle boots are something I didn't think I would suit for a long time, and now I only wear them, they are so comfy, I have found ways to pair them with other things and make them look fashionable and stylish, in a way I didn't think I could pull off. 

Ankle boots are definitely something I go to a lot, and would love to see your favourites if you have any you think I will like! You will also see these styled as an outfit at some point soon! 

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