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5 ways I want to be more fashion conscious

I'm not the best with fashion, I have a limited wardrobe of clothes, I wear smart clothes to work and always look samey, never feel very stylish and I either end up in jeans and a printed tee shirt at weekends. I find it so hard to get motivated to actually be more fashionable and when I aimlessly wander around clothes shops wondering what to buy, never knowing what will look good or if I have styled something that looks great, or if I just look like I have a paper bag on, its sometimes easier not to bother. I get so drawn in by all the wring things, a new pair of shoes I don't need, a handbag I love but will get lost in my ever growing collection. Its so crazy! I have decided to make five ways I will be more conscious of my fashion and clothing choices and I will monitor it through until the end of March and let you know how I got on. 

My first point I want to do is plan my outfits more carefully. Throwing on the first thing I see when I roll out of bed in a morning is a guilty habit of mine for work or even at weekends its rare I actually pick out and plan an outfit. I hate in winter that we always end up with a huge coat covering out outfit in a desperate bit to keep warm, and it takes away any motivation to plan an outfit. I want to try to actually do this more as I want to try and take more care and effort into what I wear and not just look monotonous every day. I have a clothing rail in my spare room and I could put it to such good use if I practiced this and I could see my week of outfits lined up and ready to go! 

My second point is to shop more cohesively and with a list. I tend to impulse buy a lot of the time and I never really know what I am looking for when I shop, meaning I never really know what I need or what I just want for the sake of it. Part of this will also involve trying more things on. I am so bad at trying things on and I hate the hassle of it all in the changing rooms, but I know it would make the decision making process a lot easier when I shop and I could try a lot on even if I wouldn't normally pick it up to give more of a range of styles I might be missing. 

Thirdly, I think I need to go back through my wardrobe and purge it once again, I have go rid of so many clothes since last summer and just can't seem to get my wardrobe to a point where I genuinely love what I own. I don't know what to do or what direction I need to go in to make it work, I don't know if its the way its hung up, if I need to reorganise the way I structure it, or what it is, but I am so uninspired when I look in my wardrobe its easier to grab something an shut the doors than actually stand and riffle through to find something to wear that inspires me or jumps out to grab me. 

I have a bin liner of clothes, a wash basket full of clothes and a bin liner full of shoes. All things I have set aside to get rid of, sell or throw out and guess what? They haven't actually made their way anywhere yet. I really want to make the effort to sort out what is worth selling, what can go straight in the dustbin and what can go to the charity shop for them to sell on. I feel I did half the work by moving them out my wardrobe and getting them towards the door to be out my way, yet haven't quite done it yet. I haven't missed any of the clothes or shoes yet and doubt I will, but I still haven't had chance to just get rid yet. Not only is this causing my house to be cluttered and feel uninspiring to be in, its also just unnecessary, I definitely will be changing this and making lots of space for new things. 

The last thing I want to do to make me feel more inspired is to get on Pinterest. A goldmine for finding inspiration on anything I know I will find something I love on their to inspire my style and get me back to being inspired and wanting to make an effort. I currently hate the way I don't seem to have any sense of style. Especially when I get invited out to really cool events and I feel so uninspired and don't even feel like I look presentable or remotely like I tried next to some of the awesome, fashionable and beautiful bloggers that also attend, (i'm not fishing for compliments, if I could be bothered to make the effort and feel inspired I know I could look nicer than I usually do!). 

I just want to feel a little more stylish and fashionable, look a little more like I actually care about the way I look and just all round make myself feel nicer and happier. I really miss being a teenager when I had a better idea of what my style was back then, I used to put things on and not care what they were like as I felt more confident and happier with my style. I now feel like, at 23, I should have a more grown up style, be dressing more grown up and showing a more sophisticated edge. I have days where I want to wear a pretty tulle ballerina inspired skirt, cute heels and a flowing top, followed by a day where I want my spiked boots,  graphic top, dark jeans and leather jacket. I don't really know how to balance my style or where I am really going with it all, and I think I am lost in a rut that I just felt like I needed to share, and also gives some tips on how you might be able o get yourself out of a rut too! 


  1. You are the same as me when I purge my wardrobe I end up with bags of stuff I mean to take away and then I just keep looking at them! I had thought of trying to organise a online clothes swap of some kind, you know local bloggers could put up what they want to give to someone else to love and then we just pay the postage ... anyway

    I think the easiest way to get out of a style rut is that you need to not try and push yourself too far. I bought myself a wardrobe full of things that I thought I should be wearing and it was such a waste as I just didnt feel me in it!

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

    1. I totally agree, I am trying not to buy things I think I should wear, and I am currently just seeing what I wear and reach for and I think I am going to try and then build on them and see what I need from doing that, a clothes swap sounds like a good idea could do this with friends too x

  2. I feel your pain. I have never felt stylish - the latest fashions never seem to suit me. People always tell me I have my own unique sense of style, which I think is code for "you dress weird!". It's taken me 30 years to want to bear a little more daring and wear things I actually like and feel good in.

    1. Aww, I'm sure they aren't calling your dress sense weird! There are things I would love to own and wear but I just know they wouldn't go with what other things I wear, maybe I will re-evaluate my wardrobe and see if I could fit those things into my clothing outfits!

  3. I completely understand where you are coming from Sarah! I really struggle with finding any kind of "personal style" unless you can count pjs and a dressing gown!
    I think I need to do a big clear out and then put together outfits from what I have and judge what key items I might need!

    Good luck and keep us posted 💕💕

    1. I am always in my PJ's! Yeah I think I am currently trying to see what things I am missing in my wardrobe to 'complete' it to make sure I can make a lot of outfits easily xx