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Witch daily primer and clearing serum

The witch daily primer and clearing serum was part of the goody bag I got when I went to the meet up in Nottingham for Alzheimers. The event was so lovely and I have been working my way through the goodies in the gift bag and this was one that got put into my make up collection and forgotten to review. Not to say I don't  use it a lot, or have it on hand with my other primers, hence the reason it got left off the pile of products I have yet to review. However, I stumbled across it when going through my make up and realised I hadn't reviewed it, so here we have it.

The primer comes in a pump bottle with lovely simple label on the front that is clean and easy on the eye to look at. It is clean, simple and straight to the point. I love that it fits into my primer drawers or my skincare shelf but doesn't look out of place in either. It also has a gap in the label on one side so you can see exactly how much of the product is left in the bottle to help judge when you will run out or to see how much you have used. 

The product has a pump to get the serum out of the bottle, I do find that one full pump is a bit too much so I use perhaps half a pump and squeeze a little more out as I need it. The serum is a white colour and is creamy in consistency, it feels smooth to blend in and  absorbs into the skin almost instantly and only takes a few seconds to be fully absorbed and ready for the next product. 

The product says it can be used alone after cleansing or under a moisturiser, I usually do my skin care and then wait for my moisturiser to be fully absorbed into my skin before doing make up so I have applied this over the top of moisturiser, and with no moisturiser at all. I use this product purely as a make up primer for my foundation, and it is an added bonus for me that it has skin care benefits in the product as I do really love the way it applies and holds make up on the skin.

I haven't got many problem areas on my face at the moment but I have noticed that my skin hasn't broken out while using this product as a primer and skin care benefit for my skin which I do think is a really good sign that it is doing some good for my skin as it normally does like to flare up every now and again. 

At £6.99 in Superdrug this product is easy to access and one I can pick up on the high street when it runs out and needs replacing, and the idea it is both something I can use in my skin care regime on days I don't want to wear make up and something I can use as a primer to make my make up last all day on days I am looking to go all out on the make up front is really good and means the versatility really does make it worth the money. 

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