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WAH London Late nights matte

The WAH London polishes are something I haven't tried before but when I went to the clothes show they had a stand which had a mystery goody bag for just £10, and I thought it would be a perfect way to try out a range of products without having to decide which ones I should try as I can find it quite hard to pick some out at times when I already have a lot of nail products. I was so pleased when I opened the goody bag to find this colour as one of the product, the polish is a matte metallic lilac and it looks so beautiful in the bottle that I couldn't wait to try it out. 

The nail polish bottle is more of a thin, tall bottle and the square shape makes it easy to hold when using and really easy to store and either lay in a drawer or stand up in a storage holder. The brush is on quite a long handle which is really easy to hold and use when painting your nails. The brush and bristles are really nice, they are quite long and pick up a really good amount of product from the bottle and apply the nail polish formula really smoothly and easily with minimal effort needed to go over the whole nail.

I prefer to apply thin coats of nail polish so it dries thoroughly between coats. This nail polish was fully opaque in two coats, the first one was a little sheer, but as I say I like to do thinner coats to ensure they dry quicker. The polish dried down to a beautiful matte finish just like the label said it would.

The colour of the polish is quite muted and feels a little bit more like a nude colour int he way it seems to fit quite nicely with m,y skin tone and felt like it was subtle in the way a nude polish is while still having the pop of colour to it. The colour was so beautiful, when I first painted it on my nails I was unsure if I liked it or not, but the more I looked at my nails the more I fell in love with the colour. I think it was because I haven't used this type of colour on my nails much and then with it being matte as well, again I haven't used matte polish in such a long time it was hard to adjust to the idea of it again. 

I really did fall in love with the colour and I think especially as it warms up and we get into spring and summer more I definitely think I will reach for this a lot as it has a nice amount of colour without being a bright neon colour or anything too out there. The polish wore really nicely and although I may change it up and wear a glossy top coat over the colour to allow it to have a glossy finish at times, I will be embracing the matte a little more as it has been so long! 

At £9 these nail polishes are more on the premium end of the products Boots sell, but I really love the colour and I feel it is a little more unique than what I have seen from other brands, but on the whole I think it is so pretty and definitely worth the little extra if you love the colour. I will be checking out the range when I am next shopping either online or in store if my local store sells these, and if I get any more I will report back on the other colours and let you know how I get on with them!

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