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January Empties

There have been quite a lot of empties this month and I am making a more conscious effort to use things up and make a point of trying to work through the products I own so I can go on a shopping spree to be able to get some new things to try out. I love testing out new things so often I try things and even if I love it I can find ti gets pushed to the back of the shelf as I try other products and try to rotate things properly. I am really pleased with what I have used up this month and I have already began to group together some products that are nearly used up ready to clear more space in my collection by the end of February! 

First up we will go with bath and body products, I have two shower gels and a shampoo and conditioner duo. The first one is the Soap and Glory sugar crush body wash, this is 500ml and took me forever to use up! I honestly felt like it was never ending. The shower gel has a sweet lime scent to it and it was lovely to wash with, I do have a review of this coming soon so I wont give away too much on this post! 
The next product is the Body Shop satsuma body wash, I love this and I especially think it is perfect in summer. It is so fruity and citrus scented and smells so much like a real satsuma that I cannot believe it. This makes me feel so clean and my skin feels soft when I use it and I really like these shower gels, I will always go back to the body shop in order to get new shower gels and body products as I do really like them. 
Lastly in this catagory I have the Kerastase shampoo and conditioner, I have a full review of them here, I really liked them and they do have such a lovely feel to them and feel quite high end as well as leaving my hair in such amazing condition. I really like these and will consider buying them in the future as well to give my hair a nice luxury feel. 

The next set of products are skincare and beauty products, I first have the No7 pore refining serum. I didn't always use this daily so I didn't always find the lasting benefits of the product prominent, however I did use this as a base for my foundation and I did enjoy the product, I really want to get this again and give the pore refining elements of the serum a true test and really see what it is like and if I feel it works using it more consistently. 
I then have the Body Shop vitamin E day moisturiser, I really liked this moisturiser and it kept my skin hydrated through the day without me looking greasy and works really well under make up. I found it was really nice and I would pick it up again if I was near a Body Shop, however I don't have one particularly close to me so I will hunt through boots for a new day cream until I can get to one easily. 
For beauty I have a foundation, this has felt like a long time coming I don't always use foundation so it also takes me longer to use it up than I would think, but I really like this one, although it is quite a shimmery dewy finish it looks lovely on my skin and lasts really well, I do enjoy using it, but I want to try out other foundations before I go on to repurchase this one. 

My misc item I have used up is a Yankee candle in Christmas memories. The candle has notes of cinnamon spice, sugar cookies and warm vanilla. It is sweet and spicy and one I loved over Christmas using it up in the first few days of the year while I still felt very festive. I would repurchase this when the christmas season comes around again if I don;t find a new christmas scent release that I love and want to try out more. 

For the throw away products this month I am getting rid of three eye primers, they have reached the time of being in my collection too long and just need replacing, I got so my eye shadow wasn't holding up like it used to and I want to be able to rely on the products and not be trying to work with something that isn't great. I have the George at Asda eye primer, it was ok, but again has been sitting around for too long and just needs to head to the bin, the Avon eye primer, another I like but has dried up and could do with being updated, and the MUA primer which was a staple before but has changed in formula meaning it needs to be in the bin! 

What things have you used up this month? 

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