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The wardrobe rut!

I am a lover of beauty and fashion and although I often get stuck in a rut and just use the same make up palette, or pick up the firs thing on top of the clean washing pile/out my wardrobe that I wore last week and end up wearing the same thing over and over again, I still admire it from afar. I am really feeling completely stuck in this whole rut that I seem to have fell into and don't really know where to begin climbing back out, so this post is half in conjunction with what steps I have already took and what I am going to do to help. 

My style rut is something I can almost attribute to my work 'uniform' and the things I do no my days off, as well as it being so cold in winter that everything is covered by a coat. I could be still wearing my pajama top and you would never know because I have a huge coat on. Its kind of a killjoy when planning outfits and so I grab the first thing I see and put it on. 

For work we have a semi-formal dress code, I can wear most things as long as it isn't jeans and printed t shirts so it means I don't have to have a completely separate work wear wardrobe to everyday clothes which is a really handy as I can buy one set of clothes and know I can wear a lot of it interchangeably. However, you can bet your life I am in a blazer, either jumper or shirt depending on how cold it is, and black trousers or a skirt. I basically look identical everyday and I really want to work more clothes into the mix and actually look different on a daily basis. 

I was also stuck in the idea that I have a full wardrobe of clothes and so I can't buy new stuff as I have nowhere for it to go, but I also have nothing to wear as a lot of my stuff is outdated and stuff I don't wear anymore. I took the plunge a few days ago an really went all out on my clothes and I have successfully got rid of half of my wardrobe worth of clothes as I am so tired of owning so much stuff, but it all being stuff I don't wear that is taking up space where I could put stuff I love. 

Writing this post was really challenging, I didn't know how to put into words the struggle I felt I was having with my style. I know it is a common thing that people experience but I am trying to really sort out and get stuff I love which will mean I am able to share more fashion things with you as I will feel happier and more confident in my style!

Whats your fashion essentials?

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