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The Body shop Matte liquid lip Tokyo lotus

I adore The Body Shop bath products and have tried and used so many of them I could basically tell you I will like all of them. Despite loving their bath products so much I never think to go there for make up, I don;t know why, but I decided I wanted to try a couple of bits and I thought the Matte lip liquid looked such a good place to start, as I love lip colours. I looked up some swatches online and the colour range and decided I loved the look of the Tokyo Lotus shade. I thought it was a lovely pink and I tend to go for more rd shades or nude shades so I thought pink was a nice change.

The packaging has a matte black lid with the plastic tube being the same colour as the product inside which is amazing if you go shopping and they don't have a tester as you get a really good impression of the colour. The product has a doe foot applicator which makes it really easy to apply and it gets into the corners of your mouth easily as well as around the cupids bow to create a nice shape on the lips. I love the way the applicator applies the product the formula works with the applicator in a way that makes it easy to apply with minimal effort.

The product is a beautiful pink shade, it is medium pink that is a little more on the berry side than a bright pink, it looks like a muted bright pink when on my lips without the neon element of a brighter pink. I love this colour and I can definitely get away with it more day to day even if I don't want something too over the top or out their.

The product applies smoothly and feels creamy to begin with before drying to a matte finish which feels smooth on the lips but not drying or obvious that you have product on. This feels so smooth on the lips and like you aren't wearing anything that I spent the whole time I was out shopping with my mum without a mirror saying 'Is my lipstick ok?' and she kept telling me it did, and when I did get to check it in the mirror hours later it still looked almost like I had just applied it and where I could see signs of wear it had wore so evenly you wouldn't realise it was fading as it was consistent. I should add I hadn't eaten or drank anything while I was out, so it was probably about 3 hours at most, but I would automatically apply my lipstick again if i was eating or drinking but this did hold up on the better end of the spectrum when I did eat my dinner and review the damage.

These lip colours retail at £6 from The body shop stores and online which I think is a fantastic price as it is competitive with the high street brands. One downfall I have with this is I don't have a body shop in my local town so I only get to go in store when I go to a bigger city, so I do find I don't think to do an online order and usually just end up in boots or Superdrug if I want a new make up product. I am scheduling a trip into the city shopping soon, so I am going to make a point of going in and looking at more of the shades in these as I do really like them!

Overall I really like the way this looks and I think it is definitely worth checking out, there are so many swatch videos on Youtube to help you chose a colour, and at £6 they are quite affordable in price and are worth having a look at if your in store and they have some testers to have a play with. I will definitely be picking up some more shades, I want to look for ones in shades I don't usually go for to try and push myself out of my comfort zone a little more.

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