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Ted Baker shopper bag

Ted Baker are a very popular brand, they do most types of accessories and clothing and one of the popular items I see is the shopper bags. I find if I am running to the shop or sometimes if I go into town for a full shopping trip, the looming despair of having to pay for a carrier bag when I have a thousand at home is something I hate. I always find I forget to get a carrier bag or reusable shopper and so I usually tend to only buy items that will fit into my bag, or shop in places I get paper bags that are free. Frugal, or stingy, I will take either! This is where my ted baker shopper partly comes in. 

The Ted Baker bag is something I have had my eye on for the longest time. They are practical, easy to use and are such a great idea. I have the small size as I don't need a bag as big as the large one, I have other bags which rival the size of the and I looked to invest in a different type of bag than I already owned. 

The shopper bags are PVC and feel quite rubbery, but they are really sturdy and I love that they aren't just canvas and flimsy like a normal tote bag. The bags ability to keep its structure is one of the plus points for me, I hate it when you have a canvas bag and it goes misshapen as soon as you put something in it, whereas this won't do it unless you put something quite large or very oddly shaped in it. 

When you first get the bag it does have a plastic smell to it, which I am not fond of but it does go when you have it out the box, so after a couple of days you cannot smell it anymore. The plastic is the right balance between being stiff to hold its shape and being soft enough to use and put things into the bag easily. The handles are a perfect size for me, I love that they sit comfortably in the crook of my arm where my elbow is, I could probably fit this over my shoulder if I didn't have a thick coat on, but I do tend to wear all my smaller handle bags on my arm and only long strap bags on my shoulder. 

I went for the butterfly design, which was in the sale so I don't think you can get this anymore, however they have some other amazing colours and styles and I could definitely have a huge collection of these as I love that many different ones that they have in stock and I know they will only get more as time goes on. The print is really pretty and I love the way both sides of the bag have the same print on, it minimises the efforts of having to turn the bag around if you pick it up the wrong way, as well as looking effortless all the time when you wear it.

Overall I love this bag, it is so easy to just pop your keys, phone and purse into the bag to run to the shop, or to use as an everyday bag. I like this for going shopping where I want a nice sturdy bag to use but doesn't take much thought or effort. I also opt for this at times where it may be super busy and I don't want to take one of my overly expensive designer bags as this one is really sturdy and can withstand a few knocks more than I am willing to try with my expensive bags which I admit I do baby ever so slightly....  I would definitely look at the new colours of these and see what new prints and colours they have in stock over the coming months. The bags retail between £30 and £40, but if you shop the sales you can pick them up for around £20 depending on the style which I think is a great price and a really great bargain. 

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