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Sunday chat; Wedding experience

Getting married is a beautiful and enchanting experience, it can take years to build up to it and takes a lot of love and commitment in a relationship to feel secure and happy enough to get married. My husband and I got together in 2009, we were 16, young and had just started college. We hadn't known each other long but the butterflies I got when I first met him will be something I treasure forever. In 2011 when I moved to university a few people made comments that I would find someone else, or the distance would cause us to break up, so three months after I moved to uni and on our two year
anniversary of being together he showed up at my flat with a dozen red roses and a ring in the centre and asked me to marry him! It was perfect, and how this crazy wedding journey began.

When we got engaged at 18, we had no intention of getting married immediately and did it to show that the distance, which wasn't overly far, about an hour and half each way wasn't something we would let get to us. While I was at uni, we began to consider the possibilities of living together when I left uni, we knew we wanted the house before the wedding and so we wanted to make sure we could get a place as soon as we could. In my third and final year of my degree I lived at my parents after saving as much as we could between us, and in January 2014 our mortgage came through and we were able to buy our first home together. Owning our own home at 20 is one of my proudest achievements, we worked so hard between us to make it happen and it is still the best decision we ever made. Once we had the house, I studied and worked hard and in July 2015 I was interviewed and offered a job all in the same day to work in a school which is where I worked so hard to get. Leaving retail and joining a school meant a full time wage and a more stable job, so we saved every penny we could extra from my wages to pay for the wedding.

It was my fiance who pushed for us to book the wedding, he wanted us to have the perfect wedding with the things we wanted so we would be able to have the perfect day and look back knowing we would always have happy memories of the day. We picked a nice countryside area o get married with beautiful grounds and a setting we could have both the ceremony and reception at. Anyone who knows me will tell you I wasn't that into wedding planning, I wanted  me and my fiance at a registry office cheap cheerful and just a change in name, but my husband wanted a full wedding with the guests.

I found wedding planning quite easy, other than picking my wedding dress which was a lovely experience, my fiance helped with pretty much everything. He picked a lot of things that we had and he was really good at contributing and coming up with ideas for what would be nice to have. We had a lot of ideas between us once we began discussing ideas and deciding if there were things we definitely wanted and things we were sure we could live without having at the wedding. We were very lucky that my dream wedding car is actually owned by a family member who did the car as a wedding gift to us, we know a DJ and he was so kind and did a mates rate price, and just lovely things like that.

There was quite a few moments of stress leading up to the wedding, there were times where I completely detested wedding planning and I love my husband enough to marry him a hundred times over, but I had more than one moment where I genuinely asked if we could cancel it all and just run away and forget everyone and come home married. We didn't and I had a perfect day, but looking back, I would have still considered cancelling it all with how much stress we came under. While I plan to be married to my husband for the rest of my life and be very happy, I can say if I ever get the opportunity to marry again I will never, ever get married again, it was just something that was quite stressful and for someone who wanted to be a wife more than have a wedding it was something I didn't appreciate to its full.

The wedding day ran so smoothly for us, I woke up on time, had a chilled morning with my mum as I stayed at my parents the night before my wedding, and then headed to the hair dressers. We had our hair done and had done our own make up in plenty of time at a relaxed pace that felt comfortable. Once we were back at my parents we were able to get dressed and into our outfits with minimal stress, aside from the lights in my dress being waist sized and having to be heaved over my bum to get me into the dress, much to my distress in the mad five minutes it took me, my mum and my photographer to actually get it on. Once on it fit perfectly just as it did in the fittings (pre-light installation). We arrived at the venue on time, and everything ran smoothly. Neither of us stumbled on the vows, no one objected to us marrying and I didn't get all self conscious and embarrassed, I just felt like a princess. The ceremony was lovely, the photographs we had after the ceremony were perfect and a robin came right by us when we had the photos and it was so beautiful. When I told one of my friends about the robin she told me that robins symbolise loved ones from heaven coming to visit us. I'm not so sure how much I would swear by that but we have a few family members who have passed away before we married and I guess its a little peace of mind that they may be there in spirit sharing out special day.

The evening reception was lovely, we had almost all the guests at the wedding all day except the people I work with who couldn't all have the day off work as we cannot have a full department without staff, it would never work! So it was just the lovely ladies I work with who came in the evening mostly and it was so nice to see everyone together and share the special day with them all. I was completely exhausted by the end of the night, and I have to say I had pulled my back at the clothes show carrying a lot of bags days before the wedding and I became so uncomfortable on the chairs with a bad back that I actually went home in the wedding car in my pyjamas and dressing gown as I wanted to be comfy and ready for bed as soon as we got home. My dress was a total show stopper, from the moment my husband enthusiastically mouthed the word 'WOW' at me as I walked down the aisle, to the moment during the first dance song that we turned on the 51 LED lights that were sewn into my dress. My dress was the most special thing I have ever owned and I wish I could wear it so many more times. I don't think I will ever see another dress that I love more than my wedding dress and the way it made me feel like a princess.

Looking back on the wedding which is just over a month ago it all feels so surreal, ,little bits of the day keep coming back to me and I suddenly remember little bits that I had forgotten on the day or I get a little realisation that I am actually married. I find being married hasn't changed a single thing about our relationship which is fantastic, I don't really think I expected it to change anything but I guess it may be reassuring for anyone getting married to know I feel absolutely no different and my husband agrees, the marriage hasn't changed anything, other than our name and giving us a legal bond as a couple and is the start our our little family life.

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