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Sleek Matte me lip cream Shabby chic

Matte lips are quite a big thing again with the release of a lot of lip kit brands and liquid lipsticks being all over the high street. I am quite fond of the liquid lipstick trend and love the long wearing element to them as well as the way some feel weightless, non sticky and comfortable. I am really keen to look at new brands and see what they have to offer, trying lots of new lip products as I search the drug store for what could be my perfect formula. The sleek matte me lip cream was part of the gift set I got for christmas and has earned its place in my make up bag for several reasons. 

Sleek describe the shade shabby chic as a muted dark pink, which I think is quite an accurate description. On my skin tone it definitely has a nude element to it which makes it more wearable for every day, but still a rich deep colour.

The doe foot applicator makes the product easy to apply and give smooth precises lines on the edge of the lips. You could pat this in with your finger if you wanted if you applied to product to your lips and the proceeded to rub it in, or you can apply this to a lip brush and apply that way. I do not feel you need an extra tool as I really do like the applicator, but it would work in other ways too. 

The product stays wet for a little bit of time before drying down to a full matte finish. The product feels weightless on the lips and is comfortable, not too drying on my reasonably dry lips if I have a regular lip balm routine morning and night. The product only feels noticeable if I really press my lips together as hard as I can, they stick together a small amount but only if I really try. 

I did monitor the colour after eating, it held up reasonably well, I could have got away with not reapplying the colour if I had say forgotten to put it in my handbag as it wore off pretty evenly, however I would maybe have popped into the toilets with a big mirror just to either work the colour into the lips more or try to wipe it off as I am not sure it would be practical to wear it like it faded to when eating. I would, however, reapply all of the lip products I have ever used in full after eating as I do feel they tend to wear and not look their best if they are not kept on top of through the day. I definitely wore this for around 4 hours before I ate or drank without a straw, so I had a good test for longevity and the product didn't move on the lips which I was so pleased with as I hate having to reapply my lipstick all the time. 

This product is quickly becoming one I am reaching for more and more between testing new products and using other much loved favourites. I cannot wait to go shopping and have a look at the Sleek stand to see what other colours they do in this formula and what other things catch my eye. I have a few more new things from them to try, but I am always on the hunt for new things! 

At just £4.99 and available on the Sleek website here, or in Boots and Superdrug I think these are definitely worth the money. They are easily accessible on the high street or online and are definitely an affordable high street buy that I think you will be pleasantly surprised with! I am so excited to try more colours and put these to the test against other brands as I think this ticks a lot of boxes in the matte lip category. 

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