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Rituals magic touch body cream Organic rice milk and cherry blossom

I absolutely love having a bath, using bath bombs, bubble bath and any kind of scented body wash you can find, I am also very keen on getting matching sets of body wash and body lotion to use in conjunction. This, is some sort of distorted reality I con myself into as I use body lotion about every third time I bath or shower and that's only because I almost have to force myself. I just don't enjoy using body lotion, it feels like a chore. Except, when you find a product you love so much you are torn between moisturising every day and rationing it to savour it until you can get to buy more. Welcome the Rituals ritual of sakura magic touch body cream.

The rituals body lotion is a really nicely presented product. The sleek white packaging and minimalist look is really nice and sleek and I love the way it looks very clean and doesn't draw lots of attention to itself in my plain looking bathroom. I do also feel, like the packaging is lovely and doesn't need to shout out to attract to the product as the product shouts out for itself to draw you back to it. 

The product is easy to squeeze out of the tube, but is controllable so you do not squeeze out more than you anticipate. The texture is a medium thickness, it holds thee shape as you squeeze it out but is light weight to rub into the skin and not thick or greasy to work with. I would say this is my preferred texture, thick enough to work with, but thin enough to work into the skin easily.

The product rubs into the skin easily and doesn't leave a residue on the skin, sinking in almost immediately, The product goes a long way so you wont feel like you are using lots of the product all in one go which I also like. The product has a light scent that echos the idea of the rice milk that is soft and neutral without being offensive, as well as this it has the cherry blossom over tone which is a beautiful floral. I am not always a fan of more floral scents but I am so fond of this product and the scent.

Overall, I am really impressed with the way the product left my skin feeling very soft and smooth it smells lovely and was very easy to work with. As a combination I genuinely loved using the product, and it made me want to use it regularly due to how easy it sank into the skin, as I have a lot of products that I don't like to use as they take quite a long time to sink in and so when you are wanting to get dressed or get on with your day it can be quite annoying, however I don't feel I have this issue with this moisturiser. At £19.50 for 220ml, and to purchase here, I do think it is one I will look into repurchasing when I have used up a lot more of the ones I have on the go at the minute as I have a large stock up of them. This being said, if I didn't have a lot already i probably would have already repurchased this one!

Let me know if you have tried any Rituals products and if there is any others you recommend! 

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