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Polaroid zip portable printer

I have spent the longest time lusting after a Polaroid camera, they are so cute and they have such a pretty aesthetic that I love, they look stunning and I am all on board with the idea of the instant print idea. Little known secret we are know as the people who have photos of strangers, we just happen to not have got round to changing the stock images out of the photo frames I bought and put up because I am terrible at remembering to go and print them! I know these are generally smaller prints but it will spur me on to go and get some printed. I debated over a Polaroid camera for the longest time, probably close to a year and half, and was always put off by the research telling me you only get the printed copy of your photo, I cant get behind not having the digital copy as well when we have such advances in technology. When I saw these portable printers that basically make Polaroid images but from the digital images on your phone I new I had hit the jackpot and found exactly what I had been searching for.

The Polaroid printer is compact and small, it is smaller than my Samsung S6 but about twice the depth of it. It is so compact and really easy to fit into a handbag or to travel with that I could see myself taking this on the go a lot. I love that it is smaller than the actual Polaroid and instant cameras as I have my phone with me all the time and know I can take photos in good quality with my phone and then print it when I can connect to the printer if its at home or when I sit down for a coffee as a pit stop.

The printer prints quickly and easily and has an app that allows you to do some basic editing in app and you can add stickers or emojis if you are into that look. I love the aspects of the app as you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the pictures to get the best out of what you are printing, 

The prints are really good quality and I feel like the paper is really good quality as well. These are about credit card sized and so fit really easily into the pocket inside a wallet or purse and so would be perfect as an option for that if you want to update that as well, and make the perfect size for a scrapbook or notice board that you can update regularly to keep up to date with all your new photos you have taken. Overall the printer is £99 or £119 with 50 pack paper here where I bought it from, and I have to say I think it is so worth the price. I don't use it as much as I should but I am really trying to get into taking more photos and making a point of updating the photos regularly. I am so glad I bought this and would definitely recommend it!

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