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OOTD; Frosty woodland walk

Being out in the woodland in the frost and winter air was so beautiful, I love wrapping up warm and having a lovely day out. I do kind of hate that all you can see is a coat and your trousers and footwear, however it makes outfit planning very easy as you don't have to plan a full outfit, meaning packing for my honeymoon was very easy! I actually love this outfit and the way it looks and it was so comfy and warm on the frostiest, coldest day of our honeymoon.

First up I have my coat, this is from Very and is currently down from £70 to £49 here, it is so warm and cosy, and has a detachable fur collar which is great for switching up the way it looks. I am so impressed with this coat, it has become my staple in my wardrobe and I love wearing it. The big fur collar means I don't need a scarf most of the time as I can huddle into the fur and it keeps me warm, however I can fit a scarf on as well as the fur if I want to, or I can take the fur off to make my scarf a statement against the coat as well if I want to.

I then have on some black jeans, these are just standard black jeans that make a statement and look nice as well as going with most things you can pair them with. My backpack is from Peacocks, I got this back in the summer when I went on a trip with work and just wanted an easy bag to sling over my shoulder but hold a lot of things. It was only about £14 and I usually use it when I want to be hands free and this was what I wanted for our honeymoon, to be relaxed, hands free and able to have my camera in hand to photograph the wildlife and our trip.

My wellies are the wellies I had for my wedding day, getting married in December means you should have back up wellies in case of rain or snow so you don't ruin your heels! These are Hunter wellies in silver, I don't think they do these any more as they were in the sale in summer and I fell in love, however they have almost every colour you could imagine and they are the comfiest shoes I own. I have black hunter wellies too, and I always look forward to wearing them because they are so comfy and perfect for snow or really rainy weather. 

I have also inserted this picture I took as I thought it was quite funny, but a little bit sad, the ducks looked so confused as to why they could walk on the water and not swim on it. I was a little bit sad that they may be super cold, but I guess they are used to being outside. I was a little sad we didn't get snow but I love the frost and it looks lovely in the photos too. 

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