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Nudestix lip and cheek pencil Mystic

Nudestix is a brand I have seen around the internet and have heard a lot about but is one I cannot shop in person, so this limits me either remembering to buy things from the brand or look up the stockists of the brand. I was so lucky to get this in my Look fantastic advent calendar as it spurred me on to try it and reminded me that I need to make more effort to try new brands. I love multi use products, although I do not often utilise the dual purpose they are perfect for traveling and I do like to try both of the functions just to know if I like both for when I travel. I was skeptical when I first saw the pencils I find the ones with the wooden surround on the pencil can often be quite dry pencils, so I wasn't sure how this one would work.

The pencil is a black crayon with a band of the colour of the product around the centre of the pencil to show what colour the product is. It has a black lid which makes the pencil look sleep and really nice. The pencil does come with a sharpener on the end that is detachable but I took it off and placed it safely with my other sharpener tools and forgot to put it into the picture!

The pencil is a beautiful nude, it is slightly darker than a true nude on me, but definitely swaying towards the brown lip kind of nude, but looks lovely on my skin tone. The pencil is smooth and creamy and complete contrast to what I was expecting from the wooden pencils I have tried in the past. The product is really soft and creamy to apply, but feels firm and sturdy in the pencil and not like it will break off. It create a beautiful edge to the lips that makes applying the product effortless and easy.

The lip colour felt comfortable and easy to wear on the lips, it wasn't drying on my lips and didn't feel noticeable that I was wearing product. Another plus point was the product lasted really well on the lips, as usual I always re apply after food, but it did last ok through eating. The product was very comfortable and easy to wear and one I have definitely been reaching for a lot this month in combination with a few other products I have been trying out.

Although a pencil or cream blush isn't my chosen preference, I don't feel this review would be complete without some insight into it, so I applied it and tried it and can report back that I actually quite liked it! I wont be converting any time soon as this is slightly too dark and brown toned for my preferences on blush, yet not dark enough to try and contour with if I was feeling more adventurous day to day. I do think, however if this was more of a pink or coral tone like the blush shades I usually lean towards I may be feeling more inspired and willing to use this on the cheeks more often!

The Nudestix retail at £24 here, and they come in a range of colour to suit most tastes. I do think they are a little bit pricey but they are really good and I think they warrant the price if you are in the market for this type of product. If I am making an order on a site that stocks these I would be inclined to pick another up to expand on the collection, however due to my sizeable lip collection I out be going out of my way just yet to get some more as I want to use up some of the lip products I have first!

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