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My Protein slogan vest

When I went to the Clothes show in December I saw the My Protein stand and new I had to have a look. I love gym wear and because I work out between 3 and 4 times a week I get through a lot in a week and like to have spares, as well as some a little more seasonally appropriate. I caught sight of this slogan vest and thought the slogan was quite good, and although I don't look like I lift a great deal my personal trainer pushes me to my limits every week to keep improving my abilities. I got weighed down by the wedding and new year and was desperate to get back to the gym to be able to wear this. 

The top is a lovely material, it is 100% polyester and is very lightweight and has a bit of stretch to it. it feel comfortable when wearing it and moves with the body as you move when working out so it doesn't restrict your workout. The racer back and sleeveless design means your arms are free to move around and gives a nice shape to your back and adding a bit of something different to a normal workout top that looks like a standard t shirt.

The slogan on the top is quite nice, its big to see and easy to read so someone would feel less awkward trying to read your top than if it was small, nobody wants to feel like they are staring at someone else working out in the gym as that can be a little awkward! 

The top has a grey and black striped or marbled like colouring to it, it is a really pretty monochrome effect that makes it look even more interesting. I love the way it gives it depth and texture and makes it stand out from the cheaper work wear that is often just plain colours. The text is printed on but feels very secure and hasn't faded when washing so I know it will hold up well from being washed and worn so often. 

I asked for advice on the sizing when i bought my top as they are sized XS S M L etc, and I didn't know which to go for. I usually wear between an 8 and 10 depending on brand and I decided to go for M as t was a 10 and I would rather have it a little loose fitting than be a bit tight and feel restricting and uncomfortable when working out. 

This gym top is my absolute favourite piece of gym wear I won, I always want to wear this and get it washed and dried as soon as I can when I have been to the gym to be able to wear it again. I got this on a really good offer at the clothes show for just £8, they are usually £16 but they do have some offers on from time to time on the website,  you can find this top here and you can click through to the rest of the site to see the rest of the range. I am trying to not buy any more gym wear at the moment as I have quite a bit, but I know I wont be able to hold off browsing the My protein website in order to see what they have and keep up with anything new that may get added, and I will be ordering more of their gym wear in the near future as I am so in love with this piece. 

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