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Molton Brown Pink pepperpod

Shower gel is one of my forgotten beauty items, I will invest in higher end beauty, or I will shop around and try some luxury hair care from time to time, but I never think to get a pricier or nicer shower gel. I have used Molton Brown in the past and I was very excited to see this in my beauty advent calendar as the shower gels have lovely scents and are a lovely luxury touch to your bath or shower time. 

The shower gel is Pink pepperpod scented which when I first saw was a little strange and intriguing, I didn't know how it would smell but I was so curious, and I am so happy with the scent. One the website it is described as having top notes of fiery pink pepper, heart notes of ginger, and base notes of rich patchouli. I am a little bit rubbish at describing scents but the scent has a fiery hint to it with the pepper and ginger being the most prominent in the body wash. I may be able to detect the patchouli but to be honest with you all, I have never smelt anything just patchouli so lets just side step away from the fact I have no idea what it smells like! 

The body wash is easy to use and lathers up really well when mixed with water and lathered up on the skin. It feels smooth and easy to wash with and a little bit goes a long way when you are washing with it. The scent is really nice when using it in the shower and while it is noticeable it isn't too strong and overpowering and doesn't overpower the skin when you get out of the bath or shower. 

The shower gel really does smell and feel lovely, I know scents are very personal but the other Molton Brown scents I have smelt in the past have always been true to what the name says so if you think this one wont be for you do have a look on the site as they have some amazingly scented products that are always true to the description. 

The Molton Brown shower gels are a really nice indulgent product, they are perfect for a little treat for yourself or a gift for a friend for a birthday or special occasion. The travel sized bottles are £10 for a 100ml size or £20 for a 300ml size bottle. I do think these are more pricey, but a little bit goes a long way and as a little treat every now and again it is lovely to splash out a little and have something special. I will definitely be returning to Molton Brown to pick out some new body washes when I have used up the back log of ones I have in my collection. 

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