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Lush Valentines haul

Lush is one of the place I also make a dash to when they launch a new seasonal range, they do such amazing collections I know I will love almost everything, and usually the stuff I don't love is just personal preference on scent or not using a particular product, like a massage bar. I knew I wouldn't get to a store before valentines day as I am so busy and have a lot planned over the next few weeks, so I made an online order instead. I also wanted to make sure I would get all the reviews up before valentines so I made sure to only get a few things that would get used up before to make sure I optimised the reviews for you all. Lets take a look at what caught my eye from the collection.

First up I have Over and over bath bomb. This one reminded me of Never mind the ballistics and I liked that one so I clicked on this one to find out more. The bath bomb has cocoa butter, lime and fennel in it and has pink and orange colouring. I love the way this looks and it smells nice too, so I am really excited to see what this does in my bath water. This bath bomb retails for £4.25 in store or online and I cannot wait to to use it, even if it doesn't scream valentines day! 

The unicorn horn bubble bar is far too pretty and I love the aesthetic of the way it looks. I did order this purely on looks as I hate lavender which is the main scent of the bubble bar. I do however think it smells ok as the lavender, in my opinion, isn't overly strong and overwhelming giving it a nice hint of scent without being too much. I will probably break this down to make sure I don't over do it on the lavender, but it will be a lovely one for when I am wanting a nice relaxing bath to help me drift off to sleep. This one also retails at £4.25. 

The Lover lamp bath bomb is a white bath bomb with some red hearts peaking out of it at the top, it doesn't scream out as the most interesting looking bath bomb as it doesn't look like it will add colour to the water, but sometimes these are the most surprising! The bath bomb is infused with cocoa butter for soft skin, and vanilla and orange to give it a beautiful scent for you to sink into. This and the cupid bath bomb I will share further down are the two most valentines looking bath products I have bought from the collection, but they are so lovely and I cannot wait to use them and see how they look in the bath. This one is also £4.25.

The Ladybird bubble bar is a slightly cheaper product in the range at £3.95, and is too cute to pass up. I love the detail on the bubble bar and think it is so adorable, I think this would make a lovely gift if you are picking things from the line as I would think it is far too sweet.  The bubble bar is geranium and peppermint scented which sounds a strange mix in my head, but seems to work really well mixed together in the product. I am really excited to use this one and can't wait to sink into the bubbles it will create. 

Lastly, we have the other distinctly valentines bath bomb I mentioned above, Cupid bath bomb is £2.95 making it really affordable compared with the other two I have shown on here. The bath bomb is a beautiful pink heart and has the scent of rose and bergamot which is classically valentines when you think of valentines flowers as it is dedicated to roses. This bath bomb is really cute and one I am excited to use as I know it will turn the bath a beautiful pink colour and I love having my bath water a fun colour when I am relaxing. 

Overall I am so pleased with the collection, I think I would have got more if I was in store as I could have smelt all the products and seen them all in person better, but I am so pleased with what I got and I cannot wait to use them in a bath! Have you picked any valentines products up yet?


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