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Lush Over and Over bath bomb

The Lush valentines range is one that caught my eye and if you saw my haul post last week you will no I did treat myself to a few bits that I am more than excited to try. I tried not to get too over excited for Valentine's day yet as I wanted to wait until February to make a start o the seasonal celebrations properly, although, we don't have many plans for Valentines as a couple anyway! I started with the Over and Over bath bomb as it was the least Valentine's looking and one I felt was more January rather than the loved up February month. 

The bath bomb is a yellow ball which has been dipped into an orange bath melt feeling substance to give it character and dimension. Although the bath bomb looks a little plain I knew lush wouldn't disappoint on the way it would look in the water and the experience I would get from the bath. The bath bomb is quite a good size and is one I was really looking forward to using. It reminds me a lot of Never mind the ballistics which I reviewed here

The bath bomb is beautifully scented with lime oil, cocoa butter and fennel oil the bathroom filled almost instantly with the beautiful citrus scent. Because I drop these in the bath, photography them, put my camera away and the enjoy my bath I leave the bathroom door open for ease of coming in and out the room with my camera and my husband commented that the bath bomb had a lovely scent and was really nice as it had drifted across the house and through to his study. The scent was beautiful and one I definitely love a lot. 

The bath bomb created seas of yellow, pink and orange and looked beautiful as it swirled around and created patterns in the water leaving trails of beautiful colours all around it. When the bath water all got completely mixed it was left a beautiful vibrant orange that really stood out and looked beautiful. 

The bath bomb was really lovely to use and be surrounded by in the water. I love the way the colours looks and the smell was so beautiful, and must have been a stand out for my husband to actually comment, and then make a further comment about the smell when I mention I am blogging about it! However, the bath melt section did seem to leave a slight oily residue on the surface of the water that I wan't keen on, as well as leaving a film around the bath that made me feel like the oils were clinging in my hair and to my skin.

At £4.25 the bath bomb is lovely and one I would definitely recommend if you seem to have better look with the melt like topcoat of the bath bomb. I would buy this again if it wasn't for the bath melt part, but I do still think it is a beautiful and amazing bath bomb. I am so excited to use the rest of the range though, and know it will be amazing! Have you got any of the Lush Valentine's range?

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