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Lush melting marshmallow moment

When I was shopping in lush for Christmas products I caught sight of this melting marshmallow bath melt, I'm sure this is an older product that has been reformulated, but it currently looks like the one above. It is this lovely yellow on one side and a beautiful bright pink on the other with some shimmer to keep it looking even prettier!

The melting marshmallow is quite small but it is really nice to use in the bath as it is just the right amount. The bath melt dropped into the water and floated along the water as it melted away in the heat of the water. I will warn you, if your bath isn't warm enough it doesn't appear to dissolve, so do have your bath nice and warm!

The melt dissolves into the water without leaving the bath colourful or enchanting like the bath bombs do. The scent does fill the room and make the room smell so sweet and beautiful. The water felt lovely and more silky than usual with the oil in and it left my skin feeling smooth and soft when I got out the bath.

For £2 I think this is such a good bath melt, it is affordable, leaves the water feeling soft and silky and makes your skin feel lovely. I would definitely look into more of these when I am next in Lush as they do a few different bath oil melts, so I want to try out some other scents and explore a side of lush I don't normally shop in as I am very much a bath bomb enthusiast!

What is your favourite lush product you have used?

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