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Kerastase exceptional nutrition shampoo and conditioner

I was gifted these products when I attended the Rush hair salon opening in Nottingham and I was so excited to use them. In all the madness I saved them for my honeymoon, and hoped they would be amazing. My hair took a beating while I was away with my beanie on my head all the time, the chlorine and chemicals from the swimming pool embedding itself into my hair from hours of being in the pool and hurling myself down the slides...

I used the shampoo and conditioner in conjunction as I very rarely use shampoo on its own and would never use just conditioner, so it made sense to review them as a pair. The shampoo and conditioner are both really lovely textures, smooth and easy to pour into your hand and lather into the hair and work in with little effort and giving a relaxing hairdresser type feel.

The products feel smooth and silky and like they are really getting into the hair to nourish it and get it really clean. the shampoo lather a nice amount, and the conditioner coated the hair evenly and really well in a way that felt salon quality and felt like you are using a luxury product that Kerastase conveys. 

The products smell lovely, I can't put my finger on the scent of these but they have a spa like or just washed at the hairdressers scent to it that smells lovely and lingered in my hair for a while after it dried. 

My hair felt soft, silky and revitalised when I had used these products, the dry chlorine ridden hair I was sporting before washing my hair with these was a distant memory and like it had never existed. I feel it nourished the ends of my hair and help to give it a new lease of life that made it look and feel healthier than it has since my last hair trim which is a little bit longer ago than it should be, but only by a few weeks because of christmas and new year being busy!]

Being the first Kerastase products I have used I didn't know what to expect from them, although I have heard good things, and them being stocked in a salon is definitely huge plus points, you never know which range is right for your hair. and I definitely think I struck lucky with this range as it suits my hair perfectly! I am definitely going to have a proper nosey around the other ranges they offer and will be looking to treat myself to some expensive shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair in the best condition I can!

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