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Inika loose mineral blush Blooming nude

Inika is a brand I hadn't heard of until I got my Look fantastic advent calendar. I love testing out new products and was really excited to see a new brand that I could try out. I was also excited for it to be a blush as I feel like blush is something I don't buy a lot of or forget to change up as I get suck in a rut and reach for the same few interchangeably for my everyday make up routine. The shade is called blooming nude which sounded a lovely colour, but is slightly too dark to use as a blush on my really pale skin so I got creative and found the perfect way to use it. 

The blush comes in a clear pot with a black lid, and the inside of the jar has a little twist around stopper that goes over the top of the grid area that allows you to seal the pot and not have the loose powder getting around everywhere, I like the way you can seal it off and then you don't end up with powder all in the lid, especially if you travel with this and it gets shaken around. I usually open the stopper and tap a little product out into the lid and use my brush in the small amount that has fallen into the lid, tap off any excess and then apply it to my cheeks. 

The colour, as mentioned above is a lovely nude but is just a bit too dark for me to use as a blush as I am quite pale, however I took to using this as a bit of a makeshift contour, its not dark enough to contour with, but I apply this at the bottom of my cheek bone around the area you would contour and a small amount gives a small amount of definition to the cheeks without looking too much like I have contoured if I want to still have minimal toned down make up. I can still then apply a blush and highlight to my face without worrying and it just gives extra dimension. As I get more confident in trying to contour I am sure I will use a little more of the product in order to add extra definition to my face and give it more dimension. 

The product lasts really well on the cheeks and the colour didn't appear to fade or wear through the day, and if it did it did so in an even unnoticeable way that wasn't drawing attention to itself and still left colour detectable on the cheeks, I love the way this looked through the day and I was really pleased with how it lasted. I think if the colour was more on the pinker or coral side and it was more of a blush colour on my skin it would easily be a staple, however being a unique colour that I can use as a lighter introduction to contouring it has found its own unique place in my make up collection, showing there was a space that needed filling that I had no idea was there. 

The product is on Look Fantastic here and is £21 to buy. While this is on the more expensive side of blush buying, I do really like it, I haven;t heard of the brand before so I may have been skeptical to buy if I had just been browsing as I do like to have a bit of a basis on what something is like even if it is just true life swatches of the product, but I do think it is worth checking out if you like loose powder blushes. Another perk to the product which a lot of people will find interesting and reassuring, the products are vegan and cruelty free which I know is important to a lot of people when shopping for make up.  

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