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Goodbye 2016; Hello 2017

Happy 5 year blogging birthday to my lovely little blog you seem to have stumbled upon! Can you believe it was five years ago today that I began this journey. In that time I have experienced some amazing things, from trying lots of new products, to meeting lots of lovely blogger friends as well as personal experiences like getting married. 2016 has been so amazing and I have experienced so many new things this year and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do some of these wonderful things. December saw a bit of a drop in posts as I got married and went off on honeymoon, which was perfect, but I will get posts in the new year detailing all about them! I will, however, be back in full swing this year and have lots of new blog posts for you all to have a peak at and get a better insight to my life and all the wonderful things I am trying and doing!

I cannot write this post without a note to my lovely blogger friends, such a wonderful and totally amazing group of girls, they are all supportive, kind, caring and we can have a laugh, talk about anything from beauty and blogger subjects to life experiences, and everything in between. I am so lucky to have these by my side as both friends and fellow bloggers to share the events and experiences with too! We have a little group chat we all keep in touch with and its wonderful to have a group of friends as amazing as this who I would probably never have met if it wasn't for my blog!

This year I have done some fun and interesting things, it started with us having just booked the wedding, we were planning for that and I had only just started my job a few months before the start of 2016. I had an amazing first year in my job, I love my job so much and actually do enjoy going to work, I have a job where I am with some truly lovely people all the time. In June my sister in law got married and it was beautiful, I am so lucky to have not only got my husband, but also to have his family to be a part of too. It was in August when my blogging mojo came back when the lovely Ellie (@EllieLouuu on twitter) invited me to her meetup, and I was thrilled to go along and that is mostly how the little blogger friendship group began! following that was quite a few events which I have blogged about as they happened. Wedding planning took over a lot of my time this year and in December the wedding finally happened and came together and it was the most perfect day ever, I cannot believe I am married and then we went off on honeymoon just before New Year which was so chilled and relaxed and we had a really nice time.

I am so excited to see what this year will have in store for myself and my husband, as well as my blog which I hope to devote more time to now I am not wedding planning. I have loads of new products from my advent calendar and presents to test and review and I cannot wait to start reading some of the books from the list of 50 books to read before you die bookmark and I will be sure to review each book as I read them! 

2016 has been a whirlwind adventure, it feels like a total dream still and I cannot believe the wonderful things that happened. I have vowed to make 2017 an amazing year and you guys all get to come along on the journey with me as I share it on my blog and give you a little look into my life.

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