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Girl online going solo Zoe Sugg

I am a sucker for a series, and when a new book comes out from one I have started I get so excited to carry on the story. I felt just the same way about the Girl Online series. Without posting spoilers in this section, click read more for mild spoilers, I will keep as much of the story a secret as possible in case you haven't read it yet. The story follows Penny, the main characters journey as she enters sixth form and as you can tell, she is 'going solo' this could be interpreted many ways from the book, but I think it is the way she is single, and finding her style of photography as she begins her journey into her A levels. 

The second book didn't end quite the way I thought it would, however it was a lovely ending and did make me want to see what would happen next. The books follow Penny as the main character, her best friend Elliot and his boyfriend Alex, and the mentions of Noah who is Penny's past boyfriend Noah. The story also follow Megan, Penny's friend from school who has gone on to a dedicated school for acting, photography and arts, where Penny meets another key character in the story, Posey.

Penny takes on the role of helping others work through there problems while expanding and finding a purpose of her own for her photography projects. During the first few chapter Penny goes to visit her school friend Megan in her new school in London, while there she meets a couple of new male friends struggles with her anxiety and goes on to meet a girl called Posey outside the school who is upset and needs help and guidance on her own fears and self doubts about being in the school production. 

If you have read the first two books you will know that Penny's mum is a wedding coordinator, and Noah's grandma is a caterer in the wedding business so they work together in this book to coordinate a wedding in Scotland over half term. Penny's love interest is attending the same wedding and they get talking there. It seems cliche and is quite like the first book, however it is a different story and plays out in a way that in reminiscent but not repetitive. The twists and turns of the books are really well placed and well worked out to lead you through the story and make twists where you least expect them. 

When Penny is on her journey to help Posey she takes her to meet Leah Brown, the pop star she meets in the previous books to help Posey to get through her fears, with Megan in on the secret of where she is taking Posey, they head to the London studio. Panic ensues when the song preview they have been listening to gets leaked online and all the evidence points to Posey.

The book follows a lot of issues that young people may face in there life and gives really good advice for how you can deal with these changes and ways you can deal with things such as break ups, family dilemmas, friendship breakdowns, jealousy and lying. I think, although I am 23 and above the target audience it would be so lovely to read as a teenager as it would have given me a really good insight to some of the people I encountered as a teen and was so relateable to my teenage self.

As the twists and turns progress and the plot thickens the story continues to follow Penny and her daily life as she focuses on her photography and we are lead on a waiting journey to see what her photography project is that she is keeping a secret from everyone until the big reveal at the end of the book. The book closed on a really good note, I feel content if there is no book 4, but I would read a book 4 if there is one on the horizon as I really enjoy the story and following along with the characters and their journey. 

I definitely recommend these books, especially if you are a teen or into these type of books. They are an easy read and the mixture of blog posts mixed in between the chapters give the perspective of the blogger Penny is and is a lovely detail in seeing how she brings her life into her blog and we read about what happens in her day and then the things she chooses to share on her blog regarding the event. I think the books are really nice and make a lovely set of books, it gives an insight to blogging from a non blogging book, and a good insight to teenage life and its ups and downs.

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