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Codage Micro peeling mask

My Look fantastic advent calendar has opened my eyes to a lot of new products and some of my favourite ones to try are skin care products as I never know which to try next when I go shopping for skin care, so to have one picked out for me intrigues me to see what it is like. I was so excited to get this mask, however, I saw peeling and was very excited to peel the mask off, nope its a chemical peel style mask, but once I realised I was still just as excited to try it as I was before. 

The mask is a 15ml sample but it does feel like it will go a long way and get multiple uses out of it, Id say about 4 uses judging by the amount I needed for my face. The product is really easy to squeeze out the the tube and judge how much you might need for your face. This being said, when I looked up the full size product it comes in a jar which I also think will be really easy to scoop out and use. 

The product is clear in consistency but is still easy to apply and has a little bit of a shine to it so you can see where you have applied it to the skin. The product has AHA (fruit acids) and BHA (Salicylic acid) in which help to unclog pores and eliminate impurities. It also has instructions for use which tell you to apply to a dry face, leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse. 'You may feel a tingling sensation' I definitely did feel a tingling sensation for the first minute or two that this was on my face, I wouldn't say it was uncomfortable or anything like that, just aware of the product. It settled down and I couldn't feel the mask on my skin, until I added some water to take the mask off after it had been on the length of time it needed, 

The mask didn't have a noticeable scent and so it was nice to have on the face as some face masks can have quite a strong scent that is off putting when you can smell it for 20 minutes and you don't really like it. The mask was clear but gave a sheen on the ace so you could see you have product on, not that you would forget you have the mask on, but I have so many stained flannels from using dark coloured face masks all the time, its refreshing to have one that will leave no negative traces behind in my washing! The mask did tingle but nothing uncomfortable so I was really impressed with that. 

My skin felt smooth and refreshed and looked lovely and smooth and like it had been well exfoliated with the AHA and BHA acids, my skin did look brighter and more radiant, but I cannot comment on the anti aging claim, as I am only in my 20's and so while I don't have signs of aging I also can't comment on if it has anti-aging properties as I haven't used this for long enough to know if it has reduced my aging process of my skin. 

The mask retails at £60 for 50ml, and comes in a jar rather than a squeeze tube like the smaller test size. I did really like it and I will definitely be using it up and will probably wish I had more of it when it is gone. I do feel that this is quite a high price point for a mask, but one that I really do like and feel is worth a go if you can either get the sample size or if you think you will be into this style of mask and or have used Codage before and think its is something you want to try out. I may invest in this in the future, but I am going to try some more drugstore and middle of the road priced face masks as I like to keep it affordable and test out a wider range of face mask that have the AHA's and BHA's or a similar style of effect before I invest in something more expensive. 

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