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Christophe Robin Regenerating mask

I was really excited to get this in my Look fantastic advent calendar, I hadn't heard of the brand but I would definitely say my hair is one of my most prominent problem areas. It always looks pretty decent on pictures but it is in really bad condition from years of over dying my hair and not taking proper care of it. I am on a mission to really get my hair in top condition this year so I am planning a pamper and cut soon and the use of hair masks is essential. This is the Christophe Robin regenerating mask and the word regenerating definitely sparked my interest and I knew it would go straight to the top of my new year hair care switch up! 

The hair mask comes in a jar that is easy to use and allows the product to be used easily when in the bath or shower. The jar is clear with a black lid and an orange and gold label on the front. From what I can see the full size of the product comes in a black jar, but I like the aesthetic of both. 

The product is a cream coloured thick mask that is easy to scoop out of the jar and apply to the hair. The mask has a really nice scent to it, I'm not sure what prickly pear oil would smell  like but this has a high end salon feeling scent that is very pleasant and leaves the hair smelling lovely. The product is easy to scoop out and a little bit seems to go a long way. I used a small scoop that site on the ends of three fingers to rub into the roots and ends of my hair. Although my hair is fairly long in it quite fine and thin so you may need a little bit more if you have thicker hair. 

The product works into the hair easily and I usually leave it on for around 3 minutes in the shower or 10 minutes in the bath. The container says around 3 minutes which works well in the shower, but I do leave it on slightly longer when I am relaxing in the bath, usually timed in conjunction with a face mask.

I love this mask, the jar is going to last me quite a long time for the size and I use it about once a week or twice a week if I really want to refresh my hair for an occasion mid week. The mask makes me hair feel soft smooth and in much better condition than I started with. The mask is definitely a game changer in my hair care routine, and although it is priced at £53 for 250ml here, I love the way it has made my hair. I am completely swaying towards buying this when I have used up the rest of this one, but I am going to keep monitoring my hair when I use this to see hoe it works and I will update you on if I will buy it when I have used it up.

Whats your favourite hair mask that you have used? 

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