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Bellapierre Gel eye liner Ebony

Bellapierre is a brand I have heard of and seen, I am sure Debenhams used to stock it but I couldn't see it on the website when I just looked, so maybe I made that up? I got this in the Look fantastic advent calendar so I would recommend heading over there if you want to try the products as I know they stock some of them. The gel eyeliner was such a lovely surprise in my advent calendar, I love eyeliner and especially to get a black one that I can wear daily is really nice. My usual go to is Urban decay so I knew this would have tough competition, but I gave it a good go and really tested it out. 

The eyeliner is a really nice pencil, I do like pencil versions as you can sharpen them and get a really nice point if you want to line your lash line with it at any time. The pencil is really easy to hold and apply to the eye. The pencil glides onto the eye and gave really nice rich coverage on the waterline, however it isn't the deepest black liner I have tried. It applied smoothly and looks nice when applied so it was definitely onto a good start. 

The colour wore really evenly on the eye but did fade on the waterline as the day went on. It looked to fade on the part of the waterline that touches the eyeball and stay on more towards the lash line so it did look quite intact from a normal distance still, even though it had wore a lot. If I had known this I would have took it with me to top it up through the day to keep it looking as thought it was just applied. 

Overall I think the pencil is really nice, it is easy to apply and looks lovely. Even thought it fades through the day it does so in a way that is even and looks nice still. From what I can find on the internet these retail at around £11 which is a decent price, however I feel I would rather spend a tiny bit more and get one that does last all day or wears longer as I do appreciate a lot need topping up. I will continue to use the pencil to use it up, but I do think it is a product I wont repurchase as I love a lot of other eyeliners a lot more than this one.

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