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2016 favourites

2016 has been a mixed bag of emotions for the world, for some it has been amazing and for others its had its tragedies. I am here to talk about the things I have personally loved this year and why they have been so great! This is mainly beauty and fashion related but I bet you can't get the one event that is more personal that made it into this yearly favourites... Lets take a look at what I have been loving!

On the beauty front I have been loving the Kat von D tattoo liner, it is an amazing eyeliner that wears really well, is true black and is so easy to work with I can actually do a form of wing liner with it with somewhat ease. This is  a game changer for me in beauty and I am so glad I discovered it this year because it is so good! Dark lips are also a firm favourite this years, when bake off was on and Candice wore a different lip colour every week she had a beautiful purple lip one week and even my fiance said how nice it was and it spurred me on to go and try a deep purple berry lip. I also have been loving deep reds, I usually try to stay in my comfort zone with lip colours but being pushed out of my comfort zone showed me that deep toned lips can be part of my comfort zone!

Sticking with the beauty theme my Look fantastic advent calendar was the best thing I have bought this year, I am so excited to use everything and review it all for you and indulge with all the products, it will be so amazing, I loved opening the door each day to discover a beauty product, a lot of which I haven't tried before so it was so nice to have a little treat each day. I will most likely be looking at buying the 2017 version if they bring one out.

My next favourite is my Givenchy Antigona mini studded bag. I adore this bag, It took me a long time saving while I decided which bag I wanted to invest in, and then I fell in love with this one. I am so glad I got it. I may be a little too careful and not use it as much as I perhaps should to get its moneys worth but I am so happy with it, and I love the way it looks and it holds the perfect minimal amount of stuff I need when going out.

Carrying on fashion items my Irregular choice Cinderella Sparkling slipper shoes were so magical, they were my evening wedding shoes and they were a complete show stopper. I adore them, they light up and are fantastic! I had such a good time wearing them and everyone loved them so much. They are definitely a pair that will be staying in my collection for a long time. I might not get much opportunity to wear them but they are so beautiful and now sentimental from being my wedding shoes that I don't think I can let them go.

I really got into burning candles once it got closer to christmas, I had a few of the christmas scents and they were all amazing, my favourite was the Christmas Eve candle as I felt like I was counting down to christmas every time I burnt it. I tried to burn it everyday that I had enough time to burn it properly so it didn't tunnel the candle and ruin the burning of it, and I have burnt quite a substantial amount, so I might put it away and try to burn the rest of it next year when its back in the christmas season again. I am quite excited to get out some of the less christmas and more spring type scents to bring in the new year and look forward to spring on the way.

I cannot do a 2016 favourites without a mention of my wedding and honeymoon. I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea that it is real, I am a wife and that is still the strangest thing, changing my name has been weird too as I know I don't use my maiden name any more but I don't quite know who this Sarah is who has my married surname.... However, it was the most magical day of my life and my honeymoon was so perfect I will do an in depth post of them as soon as I can for you all.

What did you love in 2016?

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