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What I got for Christmas

This year we got married and because of this we decided we would have a small Christmas, we told everyone we weren't doing gifts due to the cost of the wedding, but a few people ignored the memo and were so sweet and got us gifts anyway! My husband got some man gifts too but I only pictured the ones either for me or as joint gifts that I thought you might like to see. We got some money too and we agreed between me and my husband that we would hold off this year, we go on honeymoon soon and will undoubtedly buy ourselves some nice things and go for some nice meals while we are away.

Although we agreed not to really do presents, a bit of hinting and guidance and I managed to get him to find these things and have them under the tree! I really liked the look of the Sleek set and when it went on offer some gently hints meant he got a bargain and I got some beautiful new make up to have a play with! I admit, I bought the purse, if you saw my Instagram (@entirelysarah) but it was in conjunction with my husband picking out a gift and buying one for himself so we still had something nice each. It is Ted baker and I love it I am so excited to use it! 

My husband and I picked out some charms in Pandora, I really wanted the heart charm with the December birthstone in it which is blue. December is the month of the wedding and the blue is the colour theme of the wedding and a perfect charm to represent the wedding without being cheesy or noticeable. While I was in looking my husband announced he had seen the blue and crystal striped bead as he really liked it and thought it would look perfect on my bracelet.

For our joint present we are sharing, it was something I had pushed for and really wanted. I have always wanted a Polaroid camera, but the idea that you only get the print of the photo and not the actual digital copy as well always put me off. When I saw the printers that basically do Polaroid prints I knew it was perfect and exactly what I wanted! We have recently slacked off on the photo taking and this is so perfect to refresh it in the new year and take loads of pictures and have the displayed around the house and in our office rooms.

For gifts from my parents I specifically told them not to get me anything as I wouldn't be buying back and we just wanted it to be guilt free that we weren't doing gifts. They couldn't see me without so they got me some small gifts. I got the new Zoella book as I have the first two and enjoyed reading them and wanted to keep up with the series. They also got me a '50 books to read before you die' I love reading and never know what to read next so this will inspire me to read some classic books that I can share my thoughts and ideas on with you guys, so you will see a lot of these books appearing for review in the coming year!

As a joint present my parents got us this lovely hedgehog ornament, we have a bit of a woodland theme going on in the living room and this will be perfect and look lovely on the fireplace! They also got this amazing hedgehog chopping board that I cant wait to put in the kitchen. We then got a muffin mix, the bottle has everything it needs to make 12 strawberry and white chocolate muffins if you add egg, milk and butter. They then added in some muffin cases and muffin tins so we can bake them and make sure we can enjoy the presents and update some of our kitchenware.

My cousin, we just need to take a moment to appreciate her and say how lovely she is! I got a message saying she had used her pocket money to buy me some Christmas gifts, which is so incredibly sweet and I absolutely love what she got me! First up we have a shimmer body lotion from Next, I love shimmer so I am so excited to wear this for evenings out. I then have a hand wash and hand cream duo, These will be perfect in the bathroom as I do normally try to have a hand cream near by but the matching scent will mean I actually use the hand cream more often when I wash my hands. I then have a soap and glory butter yourself moisture lotion, I love soap and glory and in the midst of trying to use up a lot of my body products moisturiser is one of the areas I was starting to look slack in so I am so glad to have got some more in place of the ones I have used up. Lastly I have a make up remover from the body shop, I adore the cleansing oil they do, and I am sure I will love this too, it will make it easy to take off my make up quickly or if I want to use a cleanser that isn't as effective at removing make up.

I then have some misc gifts from friends, The first is a Bayliss and harding beauticology set with a pink peppermint body lotion and some super cosy socks in, I love cosy socks and the body lotion smells so amazing I cannot wait to use it! Not pictured as already used as I am impatient is the golden wonder bath bomb from Lush, I got that for my secret Santa gift and as I got it a little before Christmas day I inevitably had a bath and used it as I love bath bombs! I then have a package from Bomb cosmetics which my lovely friend got me, it has 5 items in and I will be showcasing them as I use them! I then have some lovely gifts from a girl I work with and her family, I don't delve to much into my job on here, but I love my job so much, and the people I get to spend my day with are so kind, caring and funny its a pleasure to spend time with them. They got me a set of three Yankee candle votives which I love candles and so they know these will be well loved. I also got a soap and glory set which has a body wash and body cream in both in the travel size which will be perfect for taking away with me or mixing it up with different scents when I go in the shower.

My last gift that is a joint, house style present which is from one of my other close friends, We got this beautiful tree reed diffuser which I love, I think I might pop it in the bathroom as its the one room in the house I always want to smell nice but I do not dare leave a candle burning unattended in there, and so this will mean it will leave it smelling lovely without the hassle of having to worry about a candle!

I am so happy with everything we have received for Christmas and I am really looking forward to seeing what other people got for Christmas too, so if you have done a post why not link it below and I can have a little peep at what you got too!


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