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The clothes show haul

I had so much fun a the clothes show, got some amazing bargains and ended up coming away with roughly £270 worth of stuff for £70! A total bargain and definitely loads of stuff that I am excited to try out and use. I bought from 6 brands at the clothes show and while they are all brands I have used before, except the my protein clothing, I am so excited to try the new products which I haven't tried before and share all my amazing bargains with you all!

The first place we headed to and bought something from was Barry M, they were doing goody bags for £10 and had £60 worth of stuff in them, so we just opted to buy one and hope for the best. It all came in the 'I came I saw I contoured' make up bag which I am not overyly fussed about as I have loads of make up bags but I can pass that on to a friend or someone that will get use from it. First up in the goody bag I got 6 nail polishes, in Mediteranean, Huckleberry, plum, satsuma, pink candy, and atlantis, in order from left to right on the picture. I also got a Cor balmy lip balm in trouble and strife this looks a lovely pinky red shade and very wearable. I then have the Matte me up lip crayon, I think this is in 'in the frow' but I cant be sure as it only has a number on the end, but it looks a beautiful color which is perfect and looks like it can be worn daily. I then have a nail art pen in white, I love doing my nails and I want to get back into it in the new year and so this will be perfect for me to use on my nails to create designs and pattens. The lipstick in this set was the colour 153 and is a lovely pink shade that I am really excited to try and wear on teh lips, I love lip colours and have really took to trying out more this year. Last on the lip product front I have the loud mouth extreme lip colour, this, I think, will be a liquid lip colour and I am quite looking forward to trying it, red is easy to wear as a bold lip colour and I know I will get lots of wear out if it. The last product in the set was the Get up and glow palette, this has a shimmer bronzer, two blush shades, a pinkier highlight and a bronzier highlight. These all look amazing and for £10 I am really impressed with it all!

At the models own stand they had the offer of any four items for £10 and you then got a free goody bag with the purchase. I had a browse through tht enail colours and tried to pick out four that I hadn't got any similar at home. I went with three of the chrome polishes and a glitter. The ones on the right of the photo are what I bought and the goodybag contents are on the left. The first nail polish is Chrome grey, then Chrome indigo and Chrome rose, and the glitter is in Glitz and glam.
In the goody bag I got an angled blush brush, a small make up bag, some artistix nail beads in pink fizz, two festival body paints in gold and yellow, A hyperlips lipgloss in warm orange, A myshadow cream shadow in starfish and then two mini polishes, one in red lustre and the other in bluebelle. This was an amazing goodybag, the nail polishes usually retail for £5 each so 4 for £10 is a bargain to begin with, but to also get all this free is so good, I am excited to go through this all and test it all out!

 We then found Bomb cosmetics and I knew I wanted to get some things from there, I got a few bath bombs, I got 3 of the 'let it snow' as I want these for gifts, so it made sense to get them while the offer was 5 for £10 making them £2 each. I then got the fairy lights bath bomb, this is grapefruit and cinnamon scented and I picked this up for my mum as I thought she would like it. I then got myself one as I wanted to try more from bomb cosmetics as I don't often pass anywhere that sells these very often. I picked out the gingerbread trees bath bomb this smells lovely and just like gingerbread! I am so excited to sink into a bath with these and experience them to share my thoughts.

Wah london had a goody bag for sale for £10, and I took the plunge and picked one out. The one I got has a nail buffing block which I was in need of and always forget to buy, I then got two of the same nail polish, which must have been an error, but I don't really know... I will give one to a friend or something and they will enjoy it a lot! The shade of the nail polish is Late nights matte finish and looks so pretty so I can't wait to try it out. I then have a yellow nail art pen, and as I said before I want to do more nail art in the new year so I look forward to trying this out too, Lastly, and most excitingly for this goody bag, is the gold leaf nail art. I am most looking forward to putting this on my nails and rocking this as a nail art look, it looks so interesting and sounds reasonably easy to use but I will try it out and report back.

Lee stafford was the place to be when they had their goody bags, they were released at timed intervals and I was lucky enough to get one around 4pm when they were launched, the queue was huge, but it was £20 and the contents are worth over £80, which is amazing! It is such a bargain and I was so lucky to get one! I can't wait to try all the hair care, I really want to get my hair in better condition soon and so I will be taking advantage of having all of these new products to try!

The last product I got was from My Protein, I got this gym top, it says Live Love Lift and having fell off the routine of going to the gym with being so busy with the wedding I thought this was lovely and would push my to go back to the gym through wanting to wear it so much! They also threw in a protein gel sachet and an oats and whey flapjack bar so I will have those in my gym bag when I get back into it soon too!

I really did shop till I dropped yesterday and I am not even joking when I say my back is so sore and my shoulder muscles feel bruised from carrying the heavy bags all day, but I honestly had the best time and got some amazing bargains and I am hoping, even thought its moving over to Liverpool next year, I am hoping to get again in the coming year or two as I do love having a good shopping session and really getting stuck in to see the brands on offer, both exploring ones I know and love and discovering new ones that I haven't seen before.


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