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The clothes show Birmingham NEC

I originally wasn't going to the clothes show this year, but when Ellie (@EllieLouu) asked if I wanted to go along with her my fiance convinced me I should go. Spending a full Saturday shopping the weekend before my wedding was not something I felt I should do, but my fiance insisted, so I decided I would book it and go. I did a lot of shopping and will get a haul post showing what I got on my blog later today to make up for missing yesterdays post! I was so excited to go as I last went tot he clothes show in 2009 and a lot can change in that time, new brands, trends and for next year, the venue.

The train to the clothes show was dreadful! I swear they had sold 3 times as many tickets as their were seats on the train, we were squashed onto the train so much that the doors could barely shut from people being stood all in the isle and in the doorway too, it was the worst train experience of my life, unless you count coming back where I got stuck in the train door (cue laughter) and also when the Cross country train staff were the rudest humans I have encountered, intimidating a young girl and potentially putting her in danger by making her read out her personal information aloud to the whole carriage, hence my angry tweet and a 1,447 word email complaint to their customer service department as a bystander to the events.

When we arrived at the clothes show we went through and scanned our tickets to get in, and then we were in and could have a shop! We started in the fashion boutiwue side of the clothes show and although I only bought one fashion item I went back for that near to going home, but I had spotted the stand and thought about it as I went round and decided I wanted it. The rest of my items were beauty products, with some amazing deals and offers on brushes, make up and skincare. The stands were great, they had loads of stock to look at and were really prepared with the offers to make sure as many people as possible could benefit from the offers.

The experience as great, the stalls were laid out well with a lot of space to get around, the sections were divided up well to allow you to find what you wanted easily, whether it be beauty or fashion and the fashion show was easy to find and get seated. To say I booked my ticket at the end of November, I got an amazing seat with a great view of the fashion show and felt really lucky as being a blogger I knew I wanted to take a lot of photos.

The catwalk show had a section about highstreet fashion and then got into the fashion show where the models combine dance, movement and fashion in one to make the sho more interesting than just walking up and down the runway.

The first section was about highstreet fashion and trends on the highstreet right now and showed many different brands and styles to recreate. Here are most of the looks from the catwalk that were from the highstreet section, I love the style inspiration and definmitely want to go out shopping!!

After that the mix of music, dance, movement all came together to create an amazing fashion  show performance that was interactive, entertaining and inspiring! I have to say the fun, energetic and truly magical display of entertainemnt they put on made me want to sign up to be a catwalk model immediately! The way they do it is so in time, on cue and mesmerising that it simply comes together perfectly.

The theme and props  for the show were really amazing, the start showed the models being 'wound up' like a toy, and then using drum sticks to drum along to the rhythem of the live drummer on stage and dance and perform to the beat. There was a ore underwater theme with lanterns tha lit the stage when the modes entered the stage with the dimmed lights to cast an orange trail of glowing light across the stage. The 80's theme had iconic faces grace the stage in the form of mask heads and there was even the incorporation of technology with smartphones, the incorporaition of the mannequin challenge, and the use of virtual reality headsets on the models through the show,

I had to get a photo of this dressm it was so unique and interesting the way it had the cut out between where the skirt looks like it will start and then where it carries on down the thigh. It almost creates the illusion the skirt is floating around her which I thought was very interesting!

The perfomrance was truly magical and at the end of the performance they showed a clip on the screen to say how mant models have took part in the catwalk show, the performers, make up artists and all the other wonderful things they have had in the last 27 years at Birmingham. It was lovely, and a little emotional that the were saying goodbye to the NEC and moving onto Liverpool next year, but also quite a ncie feeling to know I made it to the last show in Birmingham.

I don't know if I can make it to the first show in Liverpool in July, but I would definitely like to go and experience it in the new city and see how it compares to the much loved Birmingham setting!

I had an amazing day, got some amazing bargains and cannot wait to share my post on what I bought while I was there with you all later today!


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