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The body shop spiced apple hand cream

The body shop hand creams are something I have used quite a lot over the past few years, I have had a lot of scents and varieties and have been able to test out a few of them. Recently for my hen do my bridesmaids put together a little goody bag of gifts and this was one of them. I was super excited to see this in there as I love the new scents from the body shop for the christmas season but hadn't managed to pick any up yet.

The tube is 30ml and is the perfect handbag size, and will also last a long time as you only need a small amount as you can see from the photo below, this is the amount I would use on my hands when I apply it.

The hand cream is a really nice texture it is on the thinner side, but not too thin, and is really easy to work into the hands. I do not find it greasy or sticky and spend about a minute just working it into both hands and really rubbing it into the skin and I find it sinks in almost immediately with little effort. I find this is really nice as I can easily use it on the go or when I have to be using my hands soon after and it wont leave greasy residue on anything or feel sticky and unpleasent.

the scent of this is wonderful, it is apple with an overtone of spices that make me think of Christmas and winter and are so lovely mixed together. The scent also lingers on the skin for a long time after, although I haven't officially timed this, and don't often smell my hands without reason, I have noticed this scent has lingered for a good hour when I haven't needed to wash my handsd in that time and I have thought to see if the scent is still there when talking about the product to someone.

My hands feel so well hydrated and moisturised when I use this, they don't feel or look dry and are soft to touch which is really nice, especially in the winter months where the weather can be so harsh on the skin as well.

At £4 I think these are such a bargain and something I would definitely recommend you try out, they come in loads of scents if you aren't keen on the apple one, or you can get gift sets if you love hand cream and want to try a range of scents!


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