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The body shop frosted berries lip balm

I love lip balms, and I especially love scented/flavoured lip balms. I have really dry lips that I tend to pick at or chew on and so they never quite look at their best, and definitely need a lot of TLC. When I got this from my bridesmaid in my little gift bag of presents I was so excited to try it out and have used it so much since I got it. The limited edition winter scent it really good as it allows you to feel festive and is also quite nice to have something that is a festive exclusive as it is a little different.

The lip balm is in a lovely little tin that makes it easy to use and store. I love the picture and logo on the front with the picture of all the berries it makes it look festive, while showing the scent of the product well. The lip balm is 20ml, but from the amount of times I have used it and the minor signs of usage in the tin I can already tell this is going to last a really long time which is perfect!

The product smells of berries and has a red colour to the product. The colour does not transfer when applied to the lips, possibly a fain tint may appear on the lips but nothing too noticeable. I really like that it doesn't transfer as you can wear this all the time and not worry about the colour. I once bought a lip balm that looked bright pink on the stick and applied quite a bright pink too, least to say I wore it once or twice and only break it out when I want to wear a bright pink lip....

The product leaves my lips smooth and hydrated and lasts on the lips for quite a while when applied, about an hour depending on eating and drinking as it will transfer onto food or cups if you do drink with it on. The lip balm applies easily and evenly when using my finger, a small amount goes a long way so I am able to run my finger over my lips and get good even coverage from the product with little fuss and little mess.

Overall, I am really pleased with the lip balm, at £4 it is a really good and affordable price, and works really well to make my chapped winter lips more hydrated while smelling and tasting really nice. While I have a lot of lip balms and I am not in the market for new ones any time soon, I would definitely have some more of these on my list in other scents if I was looking to get some now.


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