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Sanctuary cleanse 5 minute thermal detox mask

I really love face masks, and I love the way you can get most of them in one use sachets, and some in bigger tubes if you test it and like it. One I have heard lots about is the Sanctuary 5 minute thermal detox mask. This comes in the one use sachet I have here, or you can get a tube of it that will last quite a few uses if you enjoy using it. I love thermal masks as the heat really makes it feel like it is working and getting into your pores to clear them out.

The sachet has a really good amount of product in which was enough for the single use and covered my face well without feeling like I had to ration the product as I applied it. The product is a thicker consistency and is grey in colour like the packaging of the product.

I squeezed the product out into the palm of my hand to then apply it onto my face using my fingertips. The product is easy to apply and spread evenly over the face with minimal effort. The product smelt quite nice, but had a playdoh smell to it which didn't bother me too much and wasn't too strong, but it may not be to everyone's preferences.

The mask heated up immediately as I applied it and was a really nice feeling, it stayed warm and cooled down gradually as I lay in the bath relaxing. I love the way it felt warm and I could feel it cooling down, this gave me a rough idea of how long it had been on without having to look at the time.

Although this says to leave on for 5 minutes, but I left this on for more like 10 minutes as I had a hair mask on too and wanted that to be on roughly 10 to 15 minutes so I just left the face mask on a little longer too. The face mask felt comfortable on the skin and didn't get too hot or feel uncomfortable with the heat.

I used a wet flannel to get the product off my face, which was really easy to remove and left my skin feeling soft and refreshed. My skin looked lovely when I removed the mask, it did not irritate my skin or leave it looking red or aggravated like some masks I have used in the past did. My pores looked cleaner and were feeling cleansed, as well as leaving my skin looking and feeling revived and like it was deep cleansed and feeling smooth and like new.

I was so pleased with the way this left my skin feeling, I have been meaning to try this for months and didn't remember to pick it up when I was shopping so I am so glad I finally tried it. At £2.99 for a single use sachet it is slightly more expensive than some other brands of single use face masks but I really do like it and will get it again to use, possibly in the 100ml size that I can get several uses from which retails at £10 in boots,


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