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OOTD; My wedding day

My wedding day was the most magical and exciting day my life, I felt like an absolute princess and from my younger relatives reactions, I looked like one too. I am currently referred to as Princess aunty Sarah by my niece, which I won’t dismiss that compliment! Having a winter wedding made my choices somewhat influenced by the weather, however not fully. I knew all along I wanted a big princess gown and nothing was going to change that, and a huge winter cape seemed like the most fitting thing to add. I knew I didn’t really want sleeves on my dress, but had thought it could be an option if the right dress came into the options, just for extra warmth. I haven't got my professional photos back yet, but these are some family and friends took on the day.

I shopped around a lot of bridal stores to not only find the style of dress I wanted but also the staff who would make the year long process we were planning our wedding in a pleasure to see on a regular basis for fittings and appointments. I went to a few bridal shops and some the staff were pushy, intrusive and did not listen to what I wanted as a bride. I stood in one shop, in a dress with a little bit of lace on and the more I said ‘no lace’ the lacier the dresses got that they were bringing to me. The store I went to let me try on any dresses I wanted to, allowing me to try on every style I wished. I tried a few that were nice, but not me, and then when I put on the one I eventually bought I gasped and said ‘Disney’s forgotten princess!’ I knew immediately it was the one. However, the owner of the bridal shop asked if I would like to try the remaining dresses on to be sure of what I wanted, so I agreed and every dress after the one I knew was the one just didn’t quite compare.

My dress is from Ronald Joyce and is the Eunice (69057) dress in white. I always knew I wanted white and although I was a bit scared to take the plunge as all the dresses I had tried were ivory, I knew it was what I pictured for the day and worth the risk of not knowing what it would fully look like till the day. It came with a tie to go around the waist but I decided I preferred it the way it is without the tie so left that off.

Once I had my dress, my quest for a cover up was on the horizon and I knew it would be a difficult task to pin point a cover up that would suit the wedding and be part of mine and my fiancĂ©’s vision. Searching for weeks through google, ebay and Etsy it was so hard to know what sellers were trusted and which had took pictures from other sellers. I found an ebay seller selling capes for £50 from china and when I traced back the images they were for £600 capes made in the UK, strongly avoided that ebay seller! I eventually found the most beautiful capes I had ever seen on Etsy, and in all the colour ways I could think of for my day. After measuring and measuring again for the length I chose a cape from Capeandcrown13. I went for the 37 inch as it came to about my knees and I was concerned that a floor length one may get wet or muddy knowing I was going to be outside for my photos and it was December. I spent a long time debating whether to have plain white, or have one side the blue of the wedding. Being reversible I thought it would be nice to have the blue, even if it just peaked out from the inside of the cape, and so went for blue and white reversible. 

My cape arrived and I knew instantly the blue was to be the side that would take center stage and be the star of the wedding day. Everyone was mesmerized by the cape and said how stunning it looked, the quality was astounding, and my niggling fear that it was too good to be true from how beautiful the photos were was all whisked away the moment I laid eyes on the cape. It was warm, easy to wear, comfortable and something I am most pleased I decided to get for the wedding day as a whole.
My last surprise of the evening was my dress. My fiancé, well now husband, had no intention of seeing my dress before the day, however he did have some input, his tech and LED obsession meant I had 51 LED lights sewing into the wait of my dress, and two battery packs, one on each hip sew in to make it light up. A surprise for everyone, except me and him, my mum because she came to the dress fittings and the odd people like the photographer. Unfortunately for us, this doesn't photograph well, but it looked amazing and everyone was blown away by it!

but a handful of people and something that fell together magically. As we did our first dance, the DJ dropped the lights and the whole room was mesmerized by the dress light in blue as we danced to the song. A truly magical moment I will never forget.

My shoes were Irregular choice ban joes, Cinderella sparkling slippers and hunter willies, all linked to my blog posts accordingly. I loved having different options for my shoes, I had the ban joes for walking down the aisle, 

I had the best day of my life and the dress was so stunning I would pick it a hundred times over, as I would the cape.


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