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Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate masque

I really like to use face masks regularly and I especially like to mix up which I use and what areas they target. I got this mask from my family in part of my hen do gift package and it was really nice to have a mask to use in the lead up to the wedding. This is the chocolate mask which is for normal skin and is designed to do a deep pore cleanse.  

The single use sachets of the mask have plenty of product in them to do the entire face in a thick layer as well as going down the neck to help cleanse that too. I don't always go down my neck with a face mask, but where there is enough product to do this or waste it I will do so.

The mask is easy to apply and easy to work with. It has a thicker texture which is nice and it stays on the skin well in order to be able to apply it and have it on while you relax or are doing something. I use the face masks in the bath and so I am usually laid down while it is on relaxing, but I had no problems with this when I was applying it and it didn't move until I rinsed it off and used a flannel.

The face mask smells of chocolate but when on the face I didn't feel the smell was too overwhelming or too much, and it didn't overwhelm my other bath products. I left it on for around 10 minutes, it does say about 15 on the package but I was in a rush and had a late bath and wanted to get off to bed so I left it on a little less time than I normally would.

The mask was easy to remove, I used warm water and a flannel in order to wash away the face mask which came off easily. With the face mask being a thicker texture it meant that I had to rinse the flannel more between washing the face mask off as the product stuck to the flannel as it came off my face.
My face felt smooth and clean when I used the mask and although I didn't notice immediate results from the facemask, my skin isn't overly problematic at the moment. It did leave my skin feeling soft and clean and I did like the experience of using it. I think if I used these on a regular basis I would see more results from it, but I do like to switch up which I use. I would repurchase this to use again as I like the way it worked, and for around £1 depending on stockists it is a really good buy.


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