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Merumaya gentle exfoliating cleanser

Merumaya is a brand I hadn't tried before and when I recieved a couple of their products in the goody bag from a meet up in the summer I was really excited to try them out and see what they are like as I love trying new skin care brands. This toner came in handy when I had run out of my current one and wasn't able to get to the shop straight away. I hadn't used an exfoliating cleaner before but I was really excited to try it out and see what it would be like.

The sample size was quite small but was able to be used a few times to allow me to properly judge the product and see if I liked it. The liquid was clear and because the bottle wasa clear too it helped to see what was left when I was using it.

I did my usual skincare routine, cleranser and wash my face, then tone then move on to moisturise my skin. Despite just cleansing and washing my face and it looking and feeling clean the toner was able to remove dirt and dead skin from my face when applied to a cotton ball and rubbed across my face. The exfoliating proportioes in the toner worked well to remove the dirt and dead skin even when I didn't realise it was still there. It did not irritate my face or feel differently to any other toner product I have used before which is lovely as I expected it to feel differently being exfoliating.

Over all I really enjoyed the toner and found it to be really good at removing the excess dirt from my face after I thought it was clean. At £17.50 for 128ml it is a little more pricey than I expected or would normally pay, but for the benefits I saw and the way it left my face so clean I would definitely get it again when I wanted to really treat my skin to some extra efoliation and deep clean.


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