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Lush shoot for the stars

When I saw the shoot for the stars bath bomb I knew it was something I fancied trying, the bright blue bath bomb looked incredible and the stars were so pretty and glittery that it just had to be something I got. The bath bomb has the usual bath bomb fizzer effect in the bath, but also the stars in the bath bomb are bath melts which add a little extra special part to the bath and makes it more interesting and exciting.

The lush shoot for the stars has a lovely honey aroma to it with a hint of the orange and bergamot making the scent subtly different and interesting, but definitely one that I was in love with and would happily use regularly for the scent. The scent filled the room and was lovely to be surrounded by while in the bath .

The bath bomb was super fizzy and erupted into an immediate sea of beautiful rich blue colour that shimmered and sparkled with glitter. The bath water looked stunning and beautiful, and I felt like a mermaid swimming in a magical sea you could only read about in a fantasy utopia world. I was so excited to be in the bath that was sparkling and shining with every catch of the light and looking stunning, I didn't want to have to empty the bath and get out. Where we live I can often see the stars at night in the sky, so this also had an element of the night sky in it too, which being shoot for the stars was probably more of the idea, but I couldn't get past feeling like a mermaid!

The gold sparkly stars on the bath bomb are more like bath melts, they melted away separately to the bath bomb floating off alone in some cases. They did melt and dissolve into the water, however I feel they left a greasy residue on top of the water that I could feel when laid in the bath, rather than being like a bath melt I have tried in the past. I could feel the residue on my skin when I got out and dried myself off, I felt as though I was trying to wipe off the residue as well as dry myself off.

At £4.25 I do love this bath bomb, the way it looked in the bath and the scent were total winners in my book and were something that would make me go back for this bath bomb again. With this being said, I do not feel this is something that I would buy again due to ending up with a residue on my skin from what must have been the stars on the bath bomb. I am so disappointed that the stars let this down for me as it was truly magical and one I loved otherwise. I might scout the internet and see if anyone else has had the same problem as I hope I just got a defected one, but I don't know if I could trust another one of these as the residue did feel unpleasant.


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