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Lush Magic of Christmas

Lush at Christmas is the only place to be, you get amazing smelling products and I always know it is something that I will be buying. This year when I first went into lush and they had the Christmas and Halloween products in store I only wanted to get Halloween products, but I could not resist this reusable bubble wand, and this is the one that first enticed me from the Halloween section to the Christmas section!

The magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar is a beautiful orange star on a cinnamon stick with clove and cinnamon scenting the product. the lovely red ribbon and bell set the product off and make it look like a lovely Christmas piece. The orange part of the star is covered in lots of gold glitter.

The bubble bar being reusable and on a stick means it is easy to swish into the water or run under the tap, and you can also see how much to use as it creates the bubbles as the water flows past it meaning you can see the bubbles appearing and know when you feel there is enough bubbles you can move it out of the water and pop it onto the side of the bath to dry before storing it.

The bathroom smelt of the cinnamon and clove and was really warming and inviting. I only used a small amount of the bubble bar when I first used it as I was in a rush and wanted to make sure I wouldn't be in too long, so I only used a small amount as I didn't use a much water as I normally would. However, this still made the bath very bubbly and the scent filled the room to make it a lovely bathing experience.

The bubble bar is sturdy on the stick and is easy to use, this makes it great to hold and means you wont burn you hand when you are running the bubble bar under the water! I love the way this is effortless and so easy to use without any hassle, and the only issue you have is where to put it while it dries which I just leave it on the side of the bath. I love these reusable bubble bars and I would always recommend them. I also think it is great that they do these in a range of scents so you can pick one that suits your taste better. At £5.95 they are more expensive than a normal bubble bar, but you will easily get loads of baths out of this making it way more cost effective in the long run!


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